The Girl Behind the Blog

Hello! My name is Samantha!
I am a Chemical Engineering major at LSU, as a sophomore at the moment, making me 20 years of age. I write mostly about what I go through myself. Because I am a full time student, I tend to focus my material toward college students: providing study tips, advice, and sharing what I wish I knew with my readers.

I am the middle child between my big brother, Jon, and my little brother, Ryan, and we are all eight years apart. My family and I are Filipino. My parents were born and raised in the Philippines, then moved to the States where they had all of us!

My best friend and boyfriend's name is Scott. We have been together for about five years. He is the person I rant to, ask for advice, and tell pretty much everything to. Would not know how I would function without him. 

I live in an apartment with three other girls, Myrna, Michelle, and Kelly! They are growing on me like sisters. I am thankful to be living with these three amazing girls.