Lilly Pulitzer Large 2014-2015 Agenda Review

Hello! Recently I picked up this Lilly Pulitzer agenda for the 2014-2015 school year, and I am so excited and happy with this purchase! I bought this agenda for $28. Most people order these agendas online, but I had the opportunity to avoid shipping and found this agenda at my university bookstore. This is a large agenda and in the pattern Hot Spot. Lilly Pulitzer agendas come in different patterns and sizes! The sizes available are the small, medium, large, and JUMBO. I thought the large agenda would be appropriate for a college student who is not really active, but if you are a part of a sorority or really active within your university, the jumbo size could most definitely be your best friend!

Okay, now to take a look inside!

The first thing you come to is a two-sided pocket page (left) and a sticker page (right) that contains all different kinds of fun stickers! Seashells, elephants, flamingoes, flowers, and little memos that say things like "girl's night" and "weekend getaway!" As you can see, the agenda also has the tabs along the side for easy navigation throughout the agenda.

The next two pages are dedicated to Lilly Pulitzer herself, describing how her success came about and a collage of all things Lilly. 

Turning the page, this shows the 2015 and 2016 calendar. 

Next, we have the monthly calendars from August 2014 to December 2015! A lot of space to write important dates and events available to you in the beginning of the planner. I am going to be writing in any personal or non-school related events in these pages, like appointments, birthdays, parties, road trips (hopefully), and just anything that may be of importance when it comes to scheduling anything with anyone.

These next two pages are sort of redundant, I probably will not get much use out of these except for maybe miscellaneous dates to sort of organize the different events going on. The yellow section labelled "Reasons for a Part 2015" is pretty nifty. Instead of flipping through the months to find what day Easter falls under, it's all listed right here in this list. Then along the right side is a page for party planning.

Next, we have the different horoscopes for each zodiac sign.

Then we have eight pages for notes and to-do lists for all of you productive, organized bunnies out there!

Every month has a colorful, vibrant introduction page! Here's a glimpse to each month from August 2014 to December 2015:

Behind each month, comes with another monthly calendar and, on the side, a to-do list. As a college student, I will be putting my exam, homework, and project dates here. Like aforementioned, I like to organize the different sorts of events and dates, so I think it is appropriate to place school-related dates by my weekly duties. Which, by the way, the weekly calendar is placed right behind the monthly calendar like in most standard agendas. These agendas come with so much space and references to keep you productive and efficient!

Agenda=Life. I think it would be nice looking back at a year-and-a-half's worth of my life all in one book.

Also, in each of these pictures there are Stabilo pens placed there to add a bit more touch of colorfulness. I plan to use a different color for each class and organize everything that way.


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