Tech Tuesday: Studyblr Trends

This past week I have reached 10,000 followers on my Tumblr blog! I am so thankful and excited that my studyblr is getting so many positive responses! For those of you unaware what a studyblr is, it is basically a Tumblr blog dedicated to studying. I have gotten many questions on where I get my apps, especially Momentum.

     ▸ Momentum
Momentum is basically an extension that provides a picture-of-the-day, the time, a focus, a to-do list, the weather, and a quote. This is the number one trend I see in studyblrs, and this is the number one question I get. I have it on Safari and Google Chrome, and they're great for keeping focused and inspired.

Link to Safari Momentum Extension
Link to Google Chrome Momentum Extension

     ▸ Fliqlo
Fliqlo is a digital clock screensaver. I personally just like the look of this screensaver. Without it, my screen would just be pitch black so it adds a little something to my desk. All you have to do is download and install the screensaver then go to Desktop & Screensaver under settings or System Preferences of your Macbook and set up your new screensaver!

Link to Fliqlo

Enjoy pimping out your laptop!

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