Pros and Cons: Late Nights Studying at the Library

I usually don't stay on campus after 6pm unless I have to study for an exam or go to the gym. Lately, I have been studying on campus until 10pm or midnight. I just wanted to quickly post my experience and weigh out the pros and cons of studying at the library until midnight.

Pros: I have been getting a lot more done at the library than at home, daily. 
Cons: Because an exam doesn't motivate me to study or focus, I find myself taking more breaks than usual.

Pros: My body has been getting used to five or six hours of sleep. I naturally wake up at around 6:45am.
Cons: My body isn't getting enough sleep - seven to eight hours.

Pros: I don't feel guilty about afternoon naps.
Cons: I take afternoon naps which could be used for studying earlier in the day.

Pros: Studying with my roommate, instead of isolated in my room.
Cons: I have to work my schedule around hers to be able to study with her.

Pros: In comfy clothes all day, ready to study.
Cons: Hard to be comfortable and be ready to go to the gym, all whilst smelling good when studying.

Pros: Improving my time management skills.
Cons: With all this time, it's hard to stay focused and set long term, realistic goals to be better prepared for upcoming exams.

Pros: Being around productive people for hours motivate me.
Cons: Being on campus for hours, I have been buying food on campus.

Pros: I feel better prepared for labs and lectures.
Cons: None, but still behind and catching up.

Overall, I like my schedule now. There are pros and cons to everything, but I'd rather stick it out for the next two years.


  1. This is a very helpful post. I love your folder on ur desk. It is so pretty. What kind of laptop do u have if u dont mind me asking?

    1. Thank you! I have the Macbook Air - 13 inches.

  2. When I was in uni, I found that library is a better place to study than at home. In the library I was more motivated and productive.
    By the way, I've nominated you for The Infinity dreams award here: