Tech Tuesday: How to Install Fonts on Your Macbook

Fonts are a blogger's best friend. 

Our fonts catch readers' eyes and make our cover photos more descriptive and appealing. I like switching up my fonts once in a while to keep things fresh and set the tone. Fonts are also very useful for creating your header or banner. If you're new to blogging and want to spruce up your photos or create a header, here's my step-by-step process on how I install and use my fonts.

1.) First things first, you need to create a folder - I created a folder called "fonts" on my desktop.
     ▸ This folder is just a designated place to be able to easily find your fonts when needed.

2.) Find a downloadable font website
     ▸ I use - I like this website because they always have new fonts coming in, and you can preview your text before installing.

3.) Browse the website and find that special font!

4.) Download the font
     ▸ This will send the font's folder to your "Downloads" which can be found in your dock or in the right corner of your safari browser (Yeah, that little icon with the arrow pointing down! You got it!).

5.) Open the font's folder and click on the file that ends in ".ttf"
     ▸ If there are more than one, there are different versions of the font - italicized, bolded, etc..

6.) A box will pop up, displaying your desired font. Click "Install Font."

7.) This will bring you to your "Font Book."
     ▸ The Font Book is basically a list of all the fonts available to you on your MacBook. This also means that the fonts you install will also be available to you in Word and Preview. How cool is that?!

8.) Remember that folder in Step 1? And remember the font's folder in Step 5? Drag or copy your font file into your font folder. If you find yourself using different websites to add text and you need to upload a font, this folder comes in handy. 

9.) Voilà! Enjoy your fonts, have fun, and get creative!


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