What's in my Backpack? My Opinions on what I have!

Hello there!

Now that the summer school semester is coming to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to show you guys what I have been lugging around all summer. I only took two classes (Economics and Physics) this summer, so I have did not carry around as much as I would in the fall and spring semesters, but I do have a bit of stuff to show.

My backpack is the Kipling Ridge Backpack in Vibrant Pink. I am all about saving money, so I picked this up at my local Ross in 2012 for about $35. Unfortunately, it did not come with the statement monkey keychain, but I do usually hang my PocketBac hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works where the monkey keychain would usually be. 

This is basically everything that I carry with me. It's finals week so I carry around the essentials, my laptop and chargers, and all my colored pens! In my purple folder, I hold all of my papers for work and loose papers for Physics. In my white notebook, I have purchased recently, is used to only do practice problems for Physics. All of my physics notes are in my tablet which is the Galaxy Note 10.1 so I don't have that many papers flying around. In my pink pencil case, I have ALL of my colored pens, pencils, pens, and markers. I also have a BIC white-out tape and PaperMate's Black Pearl Eraser. I hate it when the erasers on my pencils are used up to the brim to where I cannot replace either the eraser or lead, and the Black Pearl Eraser is the best in my opinion without smearing or ripping the page. I also carry around my Texas Instruments 30XS MultiView Calculator for my exams and practice problems for Physics.

Now let's take a look into my little pink pencil pouch! 

I have some Sharpies and Sharpie pens for labeling and making titles. Next, I have the PaperMate Flair Felt-Tip pens in the standard colors for more labeling and organizing different ideas and formulas. Warning: These pens bleed through most papers which I do not like. It makes reading notes harder unless you do not write on the back of pages. I have some PaperMate InkJoy pens for MORE labeling. I like these because they come in a lot of different colors and write smoothly. Obviously, I have pens and pencils. My favorite type of pencil is the PaperMate Clearpoint mechanical pencil because I can use the eraser up and just replace it easily because it is retractable. I also have some BIC pencils and one wooden pencil for exams. For pens I have the BIC Round Stic pen which is my favorite pen because it is very cheap and smooth! I also have some other random pens.

I always carry around my 13-inch MacBook Air and tablet. Like mentioned earlier, I write my Physics notes in my tablet. I have my online textbook saved in my laptop so I carry that around for those practice problems and notes. For college, I really recommend the MacBook air because firstly, it is really light, so it'll make walking around campus the entire day easier and also no one uses CDs nowadays (well I don't), which the MacBook Pro provides. The only time I have ever used the disk drive on laptops is for the Anti-Virus CD. MacBooks, in general, also do not carry any viruses, so there is no need. Macs are efficient once you spend time knowing the shortcuts and getting comfortable with it. Also, mentioned on the Apple website, it says the Air can run on battery for 12 hours, but without the use of Wi-Fi. Because I use Wi-Fi every time I use it, the Air can actually only run on 6 hours, which is still pretty amazing. My Mac is my baby and I find myself always needing it. So do yourself a favor and get yourself a Mac for college!

I know this was more in detail than expected, but I hope this was very informative and helpful! I do carry around more with me but in a separate bag (my purse) which I will do a separate blog on! I hope you enjoyed this blog! Look out for a "What's in my Purse" blog!


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