New Year, New Me: A Cliche

I am joining the "New Year, New Me" cliche. This semester, I really let myself go and made a lot of excuses. With the complications that came this past semester, I lost my gym membership at my college Recreational Center. I would go to my apartment's gym, but almost every piece of equipment was broken except the treadmill.

This semester, I am not making any excuses. My roommates and I plan to workout everyday at the same time, and we plan to eat a lot healthier and cleaner. Living off campus is difficult, and riding the bus, going back and forth from the apartment to school is time consuming, and I hate it. I plan to pack  tons of snacks and prepare my meals, instead of depending on the foods at school or going back to the apartment, where I know I won't return to school if I go back.

For motivation, I made a Tumblr blog: and maybe for those of you, who are joining this journey with me, would enjoy this fitspiration blog!

I'll keep you guys updated on my journey!

We got this! We can do it! Let's make 2015 count!

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  1. Yay you. Good decision u made. I hope it works out well for u. All the best 😊