Freshman Dorm Tour: My Little Corner of Happiness

Disclaimer: I apologize for the lack of detail and imagery within the pictures. I never thought of taking pictures of my dorm to share, these were just random pictures in my phone.

First Semester

Our dorm room fit two twin XL beds, dressers, desks, and closets. We had our own bathroom that was shared with our two suite mates, therefore four girls to one bathroom, which is a lot better than a community/hallway bathroom. Our color scheme was grey, yellow, and black. We did not want too much black in our room or else it would turn into a bumble-bee looking area. My roommate and I matched sides with this grey chevron patterned bedding and wall decor butterflies.

Initially, I wanted to achieve an empty desk space to inspire studying, but studying in my room eventually did not cut it. Also, these chairs scared me half my first semester. They rock so if you lean back you think you're about to fall back and have a mini heart attack. Not fun... These desks were really spacious, however, and I was able to fit a lot of school supplies.

Finally, my dresser is where all my perfume, nail polish, jewelry, and knick-knacks reside. Oh, and those beautiful dead roses... Luckily, I had my fake flowers to lean on afterward.

Second Semester:

As I become more situated and comfortable in my room, a lot more unnecessary crap built up. Also, we switched up our furniture, and "My Little Corner of Happiness" moved to the next corner of the room. I even bought these serene twinkly lights for the nights I just want to relax. 

Another addition to the room are these post-its that shape into a heart. My boyfriend made these inspirational quotes and pictures to remind me what I am working for and the great rewards that come with working hard. I am so lucky to have someone always supporting me and believing in me.

Oh! I also got two new roommates! I want you to meet Simba and Nala. Yes.. from the Lion King. Although they are both male betta fish, I like the idea of having their names from the same source. I went with my suite mates to pick up their fish, and I could not help but to pick some of my own! It's nice to be able to come home to someone, especially since my roommate was never in the room.


My dresser started to serve more as another desk now that it is placed next to my bed, so I moved all of my knick-knacks onto this shelf I brought from home! I thought it turned out really colorful and pretty. My suite mate even painted me that chevron canvas of our color scheme for my birthday.

Now that my freshman year is over, I miss my little nook where I watched endless amounts of Netflix shows, where I cried my eyes out when hard times hit me, where I had special talks with my roommate/suite mates and Anissa, where I thrashed while frustrated with school, and where I tried to discover myself and who I want to become...


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