The Benefits of Tea: Confessions of a Tea Addict

Going into college, I turned into this tea addict; I started collecting teas left and right. I favored white tea more than any other kind because of the various flavors they come in. Before college, I did not even know there were different types of teas or that they were this super drink. So here is what I learned over the past year of my addiction...

There are three types of tea that I have come across:
  1. White Tea
  2. Green Tea
  3. Oolong Tea
  4. Black Tea

White Tea contains the least amount of caffeine and is very helpful in decreasing the risk for cancer. White tea is non-fermented, meaning the leaves in the tea bags were not oxidized or heated, therefore it contains all of the anti-oxidants the leaves started with. White tea is personally my favorite.

Green Tea is a great beverage to have in the throughout the day because it contains a little bit of caffeine and cleanses your system of the bad toxins that sat in your body over night. Green tea decreases the risk of cancer, lowers cholesterol, helps weight loss by increasing your metabolism, and improves your overall health. Drink up!

Oolong Tea is one type of tea that should not be consumed frequently, but it improves your skin, teeth, bones, and helps with weight. It's the second-most caffeinated tea. I personally have not drank this tea but plan to once a week, maybe. I had found a bunch in my family's tea organizer. 

Black Tea has the same health benefits as all other teas, but this one is the most caffeinated. Black tea can give you that boost in the morning, which I know most college students need for class after an all-nighter.

There is also "herbal tea" which obviously means it is made with herbs, but also most likely non-caffeinated. Herbal tea is meant to soothe a person for a good night's rest, chamomile is a good example of a soothing and relaxing tea.

As aforementioned, my favorite type of tea is white tea. Here are my personal favorites: Peach Mango and Blueberry Pomegranate. Lipton has a great variety of teas and they are much cheaper than most which is beneficial for college students like myself.

If you're a tea addict, tell me your favorite type of tea and what I should try! 


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