College Apartment Room Tour

As of June 7, I moved into my first apartment that is conveniently on campus. I share the apartment with two other girls that I initially did not know. It was making me nervous - living with two strangers - but they seemed to be very nice people. I love the idea of living on my own. Of course it will be hard trying to sustain myself when working and going to class, but it will all be a very valuable experience when I actually have my own place. So here's my moving in process and the end result!

So here is what my room looked like when I arrived. The bed was actually at the highest post but after a good hour (it was twisted and stuck) we got to lower it down a bit more because I personally never liked the idea of having a high bed. 


Moving in all my stuff was a pain because I am on the second floor and there is no elevator so we had to make about four trips. It may look like I did not bring a lot but I stuffed anything necessary in those bins and my laundry basket. I tried so hard to pack as little as possible... Turns out I brought too little because we had to shop for the kitchen and bathroom necessities.

 So here is how my closet turned out. I moved the dresser inside the closet to maximize space in the room. I didn't think I'd get such a wide closet; I would have brought more hangers... I also used the shoe organizer for all my products to use up vertical space and placed the smaller things on the bottom so that the closet door still shuts close.

 So here is how I arranged my room, I separated the desk set to make it a table and a nightstand. I do most of my studying in the library, so the desk set together was just in the way of how I wanted to organize. I decided to put my bed in the middle to give it more of a home effect instead of off to the sides like in most dorm rooms.

Here is an overview of the entire room as of this morning. Throughout the day I worked on my lights, which give such a romantic and calm setting and rearranged my closet to fit the ugly pink bin in.

Doesn't that look nice? I also added my signature butterflies to the big empty wall on the right. They are just the perfect final touch to my new room.

Well, that's my new room! More details to come soon! First day of class tomorrow, and I am just glad I am fully settled in my new place.


  1. I love your lights and the butterflies on your wall!


    1. Thank you so much! I love the way they make the room so much "home-ier!" :)