My First Week of Summer School

Summer school gives a student a sense of relief in comparison to taking classes throughout the year. We know we have so much time on our hands, and we feel productive going to class instead of staying home and enjoying the summer time. However, now that week one is over with, I already have an exam and tons of homework due.

During the first week, the only thing I had to worry about is getting to class on time. My first class is at 7:30 am; therefore, I have been waking up at around 5:45am-6am. I like making eggs in the morning, so I need to wake up early to make time to cook and clean up. My day usually ends at 12pm when my last class ends. Other than that, all I have ever been doing is having guests over - where we make dinner and study - and settling in my new apartment.

Now that the amount of material to study has built up, I have tried to form a study group with others in my physics class. Physics is a very difficult class for me, especially since I have to retake it, and having others to collaborate with is very helpful in understanding the material. Alone, I finished a quarter of the homework in six hours, and when some people came over to do homework with me, we were able to finish another 50% of the homework in five hours. As you can see, it is very time consuming, and I advise those who are in summer school to form study groups for these demanding classes.

Because it is still technically spring, we have been getting a lot of rain here. One morning, I was stormed on and lost my umbrella in the class room. It took me thirty minutes to get back to my apartment, umbrella-less...

Summer school will be my cause for the lack of blogging, just because nothing exciting really happens now. I have tried to blog these past couple of days, but never have any pictures or experiences to share. However, I hope I can blog a lot more now that I am making more friends and I am settled in more. Hope to write soon!


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