I'm in Pitch Perfect 2!?

This past week, I have been involved in the production of Pitch Perfect 2. No, I do not have any speaking parts, and I am not guaranteed camera time, but I did have a lot of fun getting paid to be an extra! I was working three days this week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) for about twelve hours to up to fourteen hours. However, it was extremely challenging this week because I do have summer school starting at 7:30am, and the shooting time ran from 6pm-6am! So my day pretty much ran all 24 hours, I would get a maximum of four hours of sleep. Almost everybody who participated did not have any other obligations so their day would basically be backwards, along with the cast of Pitch Perfect 2! They would call our midnight dinner, "lunch" because they want to film from sundown to sunrise when it is dark out. We were not allowed to take any pictures of the actors, set, or anything that would spoil the premiere of the movie on May 15, 2015! But, we did take some selfies, of course!

Tuesday and Thursday were generally miserable because of the humidity, heat, and mosquitoes! Thank you, Louisiana... But, the performances were amazing! We were able to watch most, if not all, of the major performances that will be shown in the movie, which was exciting! There were about 400-500 of us in the audience, so it would be hard to get noticed. But, we were able to have a close-up where we say how much we love the movie and our experience - so hopefully that would be in the Behind the Scenes category of the DVD. *Fingers Crossed* 

Friday was insane. They allowed another 2,000 people on set who were volunteers - just unpaid extras - which made it pretty chaotic. However, us paid gals were able to skip the volunteers in line for the bus that took us to set. So we really took in that "celebrity" feeling of standing in front of the gate and skipping the line of the hundreds and hundreds of people waiting. 

While the volunteers were taking up most of the audience space, my friends and I would sometimes stand on the sides where the Barden Bella actresses would sometimes hang out, but no one else would see them because they were too caught up in the shoot. But, it was nice just seeing them really up close. My friend even got to talk to one and hug her.

Well that was our experience, and it looks like it is going to be an amazing summer movie in 2015! I applaud all of the people working on the movie in making it awesome! They really did work hard! Make sure you watch it!


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  2. The musical numbers are fantastic, the script is fresh and witty and this just feels like a fun summer comedy. There are a number of shortcomings that prevent Pitch Perfect 2 from being a truly good film, but I can't deny that it's a blast.