Ways to Motivate Studying

I find any excuse to not study. I'd rather clean my room than be chained to a desk with my face in a book. I try to avoid distractions that come with studying on my computer like YouTube and Tumblr, but they do come with some study-spiration!

YouTube: A lot of young women (in middle school, high school, and college) give you tips on how they stay organized and survive the school year. They provide advice and their own experiences on how they study. Seeing such determined and persistent people motivate me to be the same.

Tumblr: If you search "studyspo,""studyspiration," or any terms that revolve around school and studying will give you many inspirational tips and pictures of others studying. It may just be me, but colorful pictures of people's desks, notes, and tips just spark the nerd in me. I have a tumblr blog of my own pictures and "study-spiration:" http://www.TheStudySpot.Tumblr.com You should go check it out! I love taking pictures of my desk, so if you like that too, go follow me there!

More Tips:

Keep your eye on the prize: Remember to keep in mind your goals and aspirations. Thinking about the potential you may hold and what you are capable of accomplishing in the future can really give you a change of mind and heart. You feel more passionate and determined about what you are doing, and hopefully that will give you the kick you need to study. Persevere, and don't give up!

Get out of your room: Spending time in working environments like the library or your neighborhood Starbucks can change your mood. The thought of people watching me study makes me really want to continue studying without any distractions. You don't want to be watching Netflix (guilty) or playing games on your computer while others around you are working hard.

Study Group / Friends: Finding a group of people who are determined and driven can also change your mood and make you feel more productive. Just remember to find a group of driven people, not people who want to mooch answers off of you.

Good Luck, and have a great semester!


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