Hello (Again), College Life!

That time of the year again!

Back to studying, good-bye summer! 

Sad, I know!

This semester I am taking only four classes, totaling up to thirteen hours. I know, some of you over-achievers are thinking: Wow, only 13 hours?! You're dumb! I'm taking 19 hours!

Well, let me tell you my classes: 
Organic Chemistry (3 hours: TTH)
Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (4 hours: MTWTH)
Physics - Gravity, Electricity, and Magnetism (3 hours: TTH)
Chemical Engineering Fundamentals: Material and Energy Balances (3 hours: MWF)

Yeah, doesn't sound too fun, does it?

Last semester, however, I did take sixteen hours and six classes; BOY! will I learn from my mistakes! I personally could not juggle six major classes: Chemistry II, Calculus II, Chemistry Lab, Intro to Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering computer class, and Physics... 
Ya, biggest mistake of my life. So, I am taking it slow and really going to focus on my studies!

What keeps me motivated is the fact that I am done in 3 years. Go big or go home, right? So, I just need to stick it out for these next couple of years, and then I will be home free! 

I am trying really hard to start studying now because in college, the material really builds up in one class period. It scares me how foreign my classes are to me. Freshman year it was all review of things I learned in high school. This year is already overwhelming in a matter of two days. Like, what?

Also, BOOKS. Oh my goodness, these things are stressing me out - books and online homework that I have to pay for. My classes actually require the textbooks this year for homework and uncovered material, like in the good ole' high school days. Someone want to lend me money for rent, insurance, electricity, books, online homework, food, and retail therapy? That would be great, I need it! 

Sorry for this rant...
Wish me luck this year!


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