Sneak Peek: Apartment


I finally settled in! I spent hours on my room and it's still far from perfect! Let me show you my ideas!

I turned this desk organizer sideways and stored my nail polish. Genius, right? Well, it is currently in the middle of the sink, and I want to hang it up or put it somewhere stable and out of the way. Any ideas?

I always have used this shoe organizer for my toiletries and hair products. It is very useful, but it is also more organized this way than a sink full of clutter. 

I love how my closet is mirrored. Perfect for OOTDs and it really opens up the bedroom! It looks a lot bigger than it seems.

So there is no headboard, but I improvised by shaping my lights into one! BAM! Headboard that lights up!

Yeah, it looks crooked because of the orientation of the lights, but I'm still working on it! I am going to sew up another gold pillow, pink pillow, and maybe a cream pillow? It may be too much white, but I'll keep you updated!


This is my desk! I wanted it to be inspiring and colorful. HOWEVER, that one wall is so plain. I am planning on adding some floating shelves and a colorful "Sam I Am" along the wall. I want my desk to be completely empty so it would be an efficient and productive area - clear of clutter. So, the floating shelves will hold the mason jars full of the pens. A longer, thicker shelf would be nice for all my books and notebooks. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this and like how my room looks so far!
If you guys have any ideas, the comments are open for them! Please let me know!


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    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback!

      Love, Samantha

  2. I can tell you put a lot of work in that apartment. I love your collection of nail polish, by the way. I'm proud of you for keeping things organized and neat. It's nice to have everything in place, right? Anyway, I hope you've been enjoying your stay at your new apartment, Samantha. All the best to you! :)

    Susan Scott @ Newington Lake House

    1. Thank you so much! It's been an amazing stay and experience!