What's in my purse? Antonio Melani Wenda Cross-Body Bag Review!

Hey y'all!

I recently picked up this baby, and I am in love! It is an Antonio Melani Cross-body bag that I found on sale during tax-free weekend! I usually do not buy branded purses; I am honestly not that type of girl, but I love how sleek and polished it looks, and the fact that it is a brown cross-body bag sold me! I am more of a cross-body bag person; I do not like holding my bag or having it loosely on my shoulder. I was very on the edge about buying this purse. Yes, it was on sale, but I still did not want to spend my own money on a purse that I could get elsewhere cheaper. However, my wonderful and loving mother bought it for me! 

Thank you, mommy!

I know it is weird to show the internet your purse, but you can really get to know a person by what they have inside and how they maintain it. Yeah, I can easily clean out my purse and show you it being clean, but I really do keep everything contained in my purse..

Now let's take a closer look!

This leather bag has a sort-of braided handle with gold buckles and other gold detailing. It has a flip lock closure and an adjustable shoulder strap, and it also has a slip pocket in the back for extra storage. 

Now, everything that I have fits very snug inside. The downside, for a lot of girls, may be that it is on the smaller side. I do not even carry that much, and it still barely fits. I am still debating whether or not I want to store my planner in here; I want my planner where it is easily accessible. So, if I do decide to take out my planner, there should be a lot more space left since my planner is thick. 

Taking everything out, this is what I keep in my purse. Not a lot, but all I need for a day out.

So here is my planner, if you want to see a review click here. Like I said earlier, I want it where it is easily accessible for making plans and keeping it up to date. You never know when you have to keep a reminder or access a to-do list.

I also keep my sunglasses in here. I got these Steve Madden Aviators ($10) from Burlington Coat Factory and the sunglasses case from Target. 

My Steve Madden Wallet is also from Burlington Coat Factory ($15), and inside has Steve Madden's statement herringbone pattern and gold detailing. I like long wallet's like these because everything is nice and orderly, your money is not folded or crumpled, and everything has a home. 

Unfortunately, I have really dry eyes and skin... so, I keep contact solution, hand cream, and non-scented lotion with me everywhere. I always find myself needing it throughout the day, so I like to have it with me at all times.

With dry eyes and skin, I also have dry lips so I like to keep Revlon Lip Butters with me! I am allergic to Chapstick, so lip butters are the next best thing in keeping my lips hydrated! They also add color to my lips - without them my face and lips look like they do not go together. I also have a Wet-and-Wild lipstick and a lipstick container with a mirror.

Lastly and randomly, I have a portable phone charger. I never know how long I'll be out and about, so I always keep this with me, just incase!

I hope you enjoyed my What's in My Purse! Hopefully, you learned a little about me through this and that this was somewhat entertaining for you guys!


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