School Supply and DIY Haul + Update!

Hey y'all!

I did a little shopping...
Partially for school, mostly for DIYs!

I also went to Ross to pick up cheap gold curtains, gold bed sheets, and a shower curtain, and I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up a whole bunch of flowers and a gold frame for a DIY.

Be on the lookout for DIYs! I recently added a DIY tab to our blog, so check that out because a DIY notebook is being posted Tuesday (August 12, 2014).

I apologize for constantly rambling about Kate Spade and monogramming, I am definitely going through some sort of phase. I know I got tired of seeing monograms everywhere on campus, so I will understand if you get annoyed too...

I am posting on YouTube again! I am planning on posting every other Saturday, so check that out! Hopefully it will be permanent because I have a lot of time now, but who knows if I am able to truly balance school, work, blogging, YouTube, family, and friends. If not, YouTube is my lowest priority and that would be the first I'd drop, just because it is very time consuming...

Other than that, I hope you found my haul somewhat entertaining. I'm definitely excited about those DIYs! 


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