Changing My Ways...

Hello Loves!
Well I did it! I survived my first, what seems to feel like, finals week! This week was tough! I had my first mental breakdown of the semester. Rumors have it: Sophomore year is the toughest year for Engineers. It's the "weeding out" year. So wish me luck!

Anyways, because this week was so tough on me, I decided to change the way I do things:

First things first, I do not know if you followers have realized, but I have a new blog name! I originally had Samantha's Southern Soul but I updated it to Livin' On Brightside! I love my new name and new look! I am satisfied because truly, I am not a very "Southern" girl; I do not live up to the title. Also, due to other complications, I had to switch it up. However, I am going to be blogging every other day now! I really do love blogging and hope to keep up with it!

You can keep up with my blog at

Due to stress and getting myself sick, I have decided to be strictly school-oriented. I am already studying for my next set of exams because I never want to feel like that again...  All my exams from here on out are going to be just like these past four exams - all in the same week. So, I need to anchor myself in the library daily and really strive for that 4.0!

Now that I have finally adjusted in my living area and to my schedule, I can finally write in my yoga classes and gym time. I have ran on the treadmill from time to time, whenever I found the time, but I think I can get back into it now!

Social Life:
I never really had a social life, to be honest. I only ever did schoolwork, blogging, and the occasional meet ups for lunch. But now we have created "Filipino Friday!" I really needed to let loose and not think about school after this week, so me and a couple of other filipinos got together and had dinner along with a mini asian party. I also want to start tailgating at home games! I really think I need to start rewarding myself after a hard week. It was never really "my scene" going out, but I think every now and then I should be doing something not related to school.


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