Two Exams, One Day

So here's my schedule... 
As you can see I have a pretty busy week. My days start at 6am and finishes around 8pm.
Today, (Tuesday, September 16) is my worst day of this entire month. I have two exams today: Organic Chemistry from 7am-9am and Physics "III" from 6pm-7pm. A significant amount of time in a day between them to study for the next exam, but not enough time to study for a class like Physics. So I started my day at 4:30am and will be done by 7pm tonight...

I actually had to reschedule the exam with the professor because the OChem exam was originally from 6pm-8pm, but then my exams would have to be taken at the same time which is obviously impossible. So... I had to take it eleven hours in advance compared to most of my peers.

I just finished my OChem exam and relaxing my brain before I start studying for the next class. So here I am blogging, legs nervously shaking. 

However, my OChem exam went well! I feel extremely confident, almost too confident. Have you ever got that feeling where you feel you did well, but then you say to yourself "watch me say I did well then end up with a 60"? Yeah, that's what I'm thinking right now. So here's to hoping I did how I feel...

Along with my two exams, I have a HUGE amount of homework due. Eight homework assignments and one quiz to be completed by Thursday, which is also the same day as my DiffEQ (Differential Equations or AKA Calc III) exam. Oh, am I on a roll! I also have another exam Friday for my Chemical Engineering class, which will be, by far, the hardest exam I will take this week. Thank goodness it's on a Friday!

I have to thank my Lilly Pulitzer agenda for allowing me to stay organized. In order to attack these homework assignments and balance studying for other exams, I had to spread them out equally and efficiently in order to not waste any more time not studying. Having these out on my monthly and weekly calendar, give me a realistic perspective: "Okay, this is what I got to do...!"

So if you are in the same boat as me, stay calmorganized, and efficient. 
Good luck!


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