Monthly Review: September 2014

September has brought so many blessings into my life and was really eye-opening. It was a great way to start the year by building new friendships and taking on more responsibility. I have tried to make my days longer and my more productive. Life is too short to just go with the flow. I am so thankful for this month. This is what September has brought me:

My Monthly Calendar for September 2014

#1. A New Blog
        Good-bye Samantha's Southern Soul and Southern Soul Sisters. Hello Livin' On Brightside! Blogging has been a huge blessing. A lot of people perceive it as time-consuming or too much work, but I really enjoy blogging. Surprisingly, it has been more helpful to me than anything! I find these great connections within a great community of awesome bloggers, it helped me gain more confidence, and in a way, I learn from my own writing. I love writing, and being able to sit down and just speak from the heart - it is so comforting. I don't have to really think, it just happens. 

#2. Three Special Girls
       My living situation is just all-round amazing. My roommates are so supportive when it comes to school and are always up for a food run! We have our super productive days on the weekends along with mass and roomie dates! Whenever one of us has to stay up all night, another is always willing to stay up too. These girls are true friends, and I'm not just saying that because I have to live with them. ;)

#3. Filipino Fridays
       Even though I love my Latina girls, it's always nice to stick to the Filipino roots! I have grown up with my little filipino group, and they're very entertaining. We can relate to each other, and they always have good stories to tell! I'm so glad to be able to hang out with my own "kind," they are like my brothers and sisters.

#4. Family
       I was able to spend my little brother's birthday with my family and his friends. It was the first time I met my little brother's friends, and I felt so old! Little Ryan is twelve-years-old!? I cannot believe it! It's always nice to go home to the family though. My family recently found out about my blog and are so supportive! None of my September blessings would be possible without them, for they are my greatest blessing!

#5. Another Month with Scott
       With school taking over my life, I am thankful that Scott and I are able to maintain our relationship. Although we rarely see each other, we are understanding of the other. Our schedules are opposite: when one person is free, the other is not. However, we passed four years and two months. Yeah, we still count down the months. Even though we almost forgot, it's something I am always thankful for. We may not have that much time for each other, but if I am ever in need of his support and love, he is only a phone call away. 

#6. Health
       I have been able to find the time to go to the gym for about an hour. Usually, I can workout for a good two hours, but I am not able to find another hour with work and studying. I hope to maintain this lifestyle, even though it is so hard to go down a flight of stairs! By going to the gym, I have created some friendships too! Just this week, I worked out with a complete stranger who taught me how to use free weights. It was very educational. My goal is to find time to join my school's fitness group CHAARG! Let's hope I can!

#7. Productivity
       As a naive, little freshman, I did not know how much time you really need to put into studying in order to get the grade you want. I used to study a couple of days before, but this past month has been very productive! Sometimes I study material that has not even been covered in class, so I am able to understand more than just going with the flow. Being able to understand so much material by only studying four to six hours a day and going to class has surprised me! I don't have to cram or stress out!

#8. Balance
        Finally, Balance. I have been struggling to find balance in order to run this blog, work, study, have a "life", work out, and get just enough sleep. I am shocked and pleased with myself. I never know what I was capable of until September came around! This has been my ultimate goal. In order to maintain this balance, I need to maintain this new lifestyle of mine! Wish me luck!

Thank you September for a wonderful month!
And to end the month, the roomies and I got some frozen yogurt!


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