Fall Break: Balancing School and Enjoying the Break

It is fall break for us college students! Whether you're going home to the family, taking road trips with friends, or traveling across the country, being a college student is a full-time job. Sometimes it's just too risky to do absolutely nothing school-related during Fall Break. For me, midterms are right around the corner from break, so you know me... I'll be studying all break... So here are my tips on balancing studying and as well as enjoying break!

If You're on the Road or Flying:
Laptops are an essential for college students, especially when it comes to studying.  Resources, notes, e-books, oh my! Sadly, the internet does not come with the good ole open road, so you will need to prepare!

       Bring Your Textbooks

       Print Out Your Notes

      ▸ Bring Some Flash Cards

      ▸ Ask for Help

Try to bring any resources that doesn't require the internet. If you're the driver, ask your friends to quiz you by bringing prepared notes and flash cards. It's going to be tough studying on the road, but instead of eating junk food, listening to your friends snore in the back seat, and the occasional small talk amongst yourselves, it'll be worth it. Try to be as productive on the road because, chances are, you're not going to be thinking about school when you get to your destination. 

If You're at Home:
When you go home, you want to spend time with family while you can. Either that or you want to be super lazy and finally enjoy not having to study or go to class. We all know you can't lose track of time or waste a couple of days by getting behind on school work. Fall Break used to be all about relaxing for me, but I find fall break an opportunity to get ahead and get productive, so...

      ▸ Get out of the House

      ▸ Get Together with Friends

      ▸ Get Ahead

      ▸ Don't Stress Out

By getting out of the house, you won't feel tempted to be lazy or be a couch potato. I am planning on going to the nearest Starbucks and studying with friends. My goal is to get ahead of the game by covering material that has yet to be covered in class. So when midterms are approaching, I won't have to worry about the new material covered between break and midterms. Don't stress out because you're studying while most of your peers are making every excuse not to study. Be proud of your decisions and yourself!
Good Luck!


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