How I Balance Blogging and School

Whenever I come across a reader, I always get asked:
 How do you have time to blog?

People near and dear to me know these facts about me:
      I am a HUGE procrastinator
      I am an avid Netflix user

So how do I do it?

I toned down my unhealthy ways, and I became an enthusiastic blogger! It's almost an addiction, but in a healthy way, I promise! Livin' On Brightside gave me a place to be myself and helped me become a better person (Weird, I know! But it's so true!). I am getting to know wonderful girls through blogging and learning new things every day from these girls! My blog is a place of positivity and creativity. 

Why wouldn't I want to blog!?

**Cough Cough** But I still watch my shows on Netflix...

Although, as a full-time engineering major, it can be tough... Blogging twice a week (before Livin' On Brightside was born) was hard enough, but these past couple of weeks, I blogged everyday! 

(Update: I will be blogging every other day from now on, instead of everyday.) 

It wasn't all that hard, I only took an hour or two of my day to blog, usually during work where I do nothing. I am awake from 6am to midnight, so that gives me eighteen hours to complete my daily tasks, like blogging and studying! 

I take pictures all the time so the "visual effects" were never hard for me. I can usually go through my albums on my iPhone, and I would find something that relates to my blog post. I love writing and talking, in general, so content was not the problem either. I think the only time consuming aspect that comes with blogging, for me at least, is coming up with content that is enjoyable for the readers. I hate to be boring or bland, I try to talk about college-related topics and add some personality in my writing. 

All in all, blogging isn't distracting me from my studies. In a way, it motivates me to study more and stay true to what I share with you all. 

So if you want to blog but scared it'll take too much of your time, just refer back to this post. You could be a natural at blogging! You'll never know until you try! So take lots of pictures and write your little heart out! Find your niche and be passionate about it. Good luck!


  1. I find as soon as you find a schedule balance between school and blogging it becomes so much more enjoyable! I love the chance to sit down and just talk things out with my readers, especially if it's been a rough day. Nice post!

    1. I love writing casually, and being myself!
      I especially love these comments!
      Thank you so much!

      I gave you a follow on BlogLovin!
      Have a great day!

  2. I have been struggling with balancing University and my blog, i'm lucky enough to share it with another person so it relieves some of the pressure. I always end up working on the blog early in the morning or very late at night, i'm hoping the balance will come eventually! x

    1. I totally agree. That's what has been happening to me lately. I usually post RIGHT before midnight, which is something I want to change. My views and feedback are a lot better when I post throughout the day. So hopefully that will motivate me to take some time to blog within the day. Maybe lunch time? :D

      Good luck to you! We are all looking for that balance :)

  3. Excellent post - especially considering that I am also a huge procrastinator and avid Netflix user in addition to being a blogger and university student, so I related to this a lot.

    Mina | Cream Coloured Ponies