Pamper Yourself

In order to prepare myself for the stressful week ahead of me, I love to pamper myself on Sundays and get relaxed before facing the realities of college and responsibilities. Sunday is the only day of the week where I am able to be lazy and relax. Now that Midterms are coming, this is the only Sunday of the month where I can "de-stress" before I "re-stress." So this is what I did to pamper myself this Sunday...

#1. Spoil Yo'self!
      Sacrifice a couple of bucks from your paycheck and spoil yourself! Take yourself out, go to the mall, grab something to eat. Myrna and I went to the Mall of Louisiana and spoiled ourselves to Lush Cosmetics. We obviously need Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars for relaxation and entertainment! Best decision ever! We are so hooked right now! Basically, Bath Bombs fizz up in your bath in different colors and Bubble Bars make bubbles.

#2. Paint Your Nails
      The struggle... Some of us girls can never find the time and patience to paint our nails. I know my toe nail polish have been chipping as my finger nails go bare. There's nothing better than having my nails done - by myself at home, of course, because I'm a broke college student. The weekend is the perfect time to polish yourself and watch some Netflix while your nails dry. 

#3. Put on a Mask
      Putting on a face mask is so refreshing. Like any mask, they give you the feeling of a new face - a fresh face! Stress can break you out and create acne, so these masks will help those blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. Because I have such sensitive skin, I like using these masks once a month after a hot shower when my pores are open, and the dirt can be easily removed by masks. 

#4. Run a Bath
      Enjoy yourself, and avoid sinking yourself into life's questions. Because who doesn't think about life when bathing or showering? Taking the time to free your mind is important in de-stressing. Don't worry about midterms or homework. Just submerge yourself into the bubbles, enjoy your privacy, and take your time. 

#5. Enjoy a Cup of Tea
      Tea, especial herbal and non-caffeinated tea, sets the mood and relaxes the mind and body. Oh, just imagine: tea, bubbles and candles while bathing... The life. Unfortunately, that rarely happens so drinking tea at night is a quick way to soothe yourself to sleep. Just please make sure it is not caffeinated or else you'll have trouble sleeping at night which is a recipe for a stressful and restless week...

Hopefully you've had a relaxing weekend and are ready to take on the challenges the weekdays bring. Enjoy yourself while you can because I know I barely have time to take care of myself sometimes. Your body and well-being is important, and the way you care for yourself reflect the kind of week you'll receive. So spoil yourself in good ways and don't indulge on negative things.

I hope you all have a great week!
Good Luck!

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  1. Definitely need to have a pamper evening this coming weekend. Great tips!

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