What's In My "Gym Bag" + Where to Get Cheap Workout Gear

At least 30 minutes of physical activity per day is important for your well-being. Simply walking or jogging outside will suffice. Unfortunately, you will most likely need some sort of equipment or accessory in order to build strength, aside from cardio. As a college student on a budget, I rarely go out shopping. But this past weekend, I bought a whole lot of gear for a little amount of money. My advice? Keep your eye on the clearance section of stores like Target and Wal-Mart, and definitely visit your nearest Marshall's, Ross, or T.J.Maxx!

Now into my "gym bag," which I do not have, but I am looking for one! So let's "open" my imaginary bag and see what's inside!

#1. Water Bottle
       For you "brand" lovers out there, I bought a CamelBak water bottle for only $9.99 from Marshalls! Although, you don't save a whole lot... The type of CamelBak I bought is sold online for about $12, so I saved about $2. Oh well, saving is saving! It was also the color I wanted because I like representing my school colors
Review: There was nothing wrong with the water bottle at all! There was no leaking or dents, nothing! 

#2. Yoga Mat
       I already own a blue yoga mat, but I could not pass up a $3 mat! Yes... only three bucks! There were so many different colors and designs! I use these yoga mats for floor workouts and, of course, yoga. I plan to use this mat at home while I use my old mat in public area, like the school and apartment gym. 
Review: According to a Marshall's employer, there is a surplus in mats and not enough buyers, so they decreased the prices of them all. There is nothing wrong with the mats, and they are all super cute!

#3. iPhone Armband
       If you go to the dollar section at Target, there are $5 armbands in all different kinds of colors - blue, green, pink, black! You choose! While having this in my basket, I went to the clearance section of Target and found a black Belkin brand armband for $2 more. I needed an armband because my phone and earphones always got in the way when working out, and I want to listen to music! 
Review: I decided to go with the $7 band because it was good quality and nothing was wrong with it. Fits my iPhone and case perfectly and snug. 

#4. Weightlifting Gloves
       I got these weightlifting gloves for the sake of protecting my hands when lifting weights. After one day of free weights, I already felt the blisters coming in! These were only $4 and fit perfectly.
Review: I actually got these gloves for $4 when the others were $6 because the "hooks" of the gloves were missing. Because I don't plan on hanging up my gloves, I did not see no need for it. The gloves give just enough cushion and grip and are perfect!

Just because something is on sale, don't assume there is something wrong with it or it is defective. If it's final sale, take it out of the package and observe it. If not, hold on to your receipt. If you're suspicious, ask the people who work there, and hopefully they'll have an honest answer. I never had any regrets in my purchases, so go find the sales


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