LUSH-ious Haul!

Hi my name is Samantha...
And I am an addict...

Over the past two years, I have been experimenting with different LUSH products. Ever since I found them randomly at the mall and with a little help from YouTubers, I have grown an attachment to their products. Although the price isn't pretty, the experience is Very Pretty and Colorful!

In the past, I have bought a number of their products:

"Curly Wurly" Shampoo
Shampoo that tamed my curls with the sweet scent of coconut

"Ro's Argan" Body Conditioner
Helped my eczema and skin from drying out

"Full of Grace" Moisturizing Bar
Hydrated my face and eczema

"Bubble Gum" Lip Scrub
Prevented my lips from chapping

"Grease Lightening" Spot Treatment
Froze my breakouts and helped minimize them

"Oatifix" Fresh Face Mask
Relaxed and hydrated my face

Wanna know what $80 looks like in a bowl?

I have used products from Hair, Face, and Body. The only category I haven't been able to purchase are their products from Bath. Now that I have a bath tub, my roommate and I are able to make these purchases!

Let's take a look into our bowl of LUSH-ious bath bombs and bubble bars!

Northern Lights
We have used half already, but Northern Lights emits purple, blue, white, and pink hues! Very cool!

This is the size Northern Lights originally comes in, but Sparkler consists of gold and orange and yellow! When placed in your tub, the scent of roses fills your bath.

Lord of Misrule
Lord of Misrule is a green bath bomb with a cute crown on it! Green on the outside and pink on the inside, this bath bomb is gonna be awesome!

Sex Bomb
Sex Bomb will turn your water pink! With a cute little rose in the middle, your water fizzes up and the singular rose will pop up at the end of the show!

Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising will sink to the bottom, producing different shades of purple. In the end, the bath bomb rises up and creates awesome purple swirls in your tub.

Ickle Baby Bot
Ickle Baby bot slowly fizzes, turning your bath a light blue color. Probably the least exciting, but look at that face! And light blue is such a pretty color.

Sakura creates a white, almost fog-like, bath. It's a very simple, calm, and soothing bath bomb.

Space Girl
Space Girl creates a red, but mostly purple bath as it spins and travels within your bathtub, like a Spaceship!

Rose Queen
Rose Queen will actually infuse that rosy scent into your skin. This bath bomb also holds flowers within it, so as it fizzes in your bath all the petals come out!

Tisty Tosty
Like Rose Queen, Tisty Tosty contains flower petals and follows the Tisty Tosty Love spell. However, there are seven rose petals. He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me, He loves me not, HE LOVES ME!

Rose Jam
Rose Jam is actually a bubble bar, not a bath bomb. It's a bubble macaroon, a bubble-roon! Rose Jam smells like, well, roses! This is my second Rose Jam purchase because I love the smell of roses and bubbles!

Sparkly Pumpkin
Probably our favorite for this fall season, Sparkly Pumpkin is another bubble bar. We picked it up for the months of October and November because it is so darn cute!

My descriptions of the new products are based on my conversations with the LUSH workers and what I have seen and heard. I have not used any of the products pictured unless I said so otherwise. If you want to see LUSH's official description, click the name or picture above and it will direct you to their LUSH USA site. Sorry! If you are not from the Unites States, click here to see the different LUSH websites available.

Fall and Winter are the perfect seasons to sink into a hot bath with these awesome bath bombs and bubble bars! Check out your nearest Lush store because the Christmas bath bombs and bubble bars will be selling! So fill your bath, drop in your desired product, sit back, and relaxxxxx!


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  2. This is an amazing post! Makes me want to rush out and buy everything from Lush! How do you like the Ro's Argan body conditioner?

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    1. I know! We are addicted to LUSH products at the moment. Ro's Argan really helped hydrate my skin. I have really dry skin, so it was definitely an awesome purchase for me.