It's That Time of the Month Again...

Exam week!

It is actually Midterm week here at LSU, and I am already over this week... I just finished my Chemical Engineering exam, and all I can say is:


I am so glad I haven't been skipping class or else I would not have done as "well" as I did in the exam. Turns out, it wasn't just me; A LOT of people had trouble with a portion of the exam. Keep in mind: our exam is three questions.

It's not that the exam I took was hard, but it was very tedious. Trust me, I had so much more to write but we only had an hour to solve these three questions. Ridiculous, right?!

So here is my midterm schedule:
Monday: Chemical Engineering
Tuesday: Physics and Organic Chemistry
Thursday: Differential Equations

Wish me luck...

Be on the look-out for a "How I Study" Blog!? What, what!? It's something I have been wanting to write for a while! Maybe after my midterms? Look out!

I just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts, I wish I could blog everyday. Honestly, I need to get more organized blogging-wise... Please let me know what kind of content you'd like to see! Comment your suggestions!

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