Why You Should NOT Skip Class

I know, I know...
In college, you're so tempted to skip class, especially when the professor does not take attendance or give out random activities for points. I know during my freshman year, I was tempted to skip my classes (and I did!) and boy, do I regret it! I always had excuses: "He teaches right out of the book. I feel like I am not learning anything. I can afford to miss one class, I'll just study the material tonight." Truth is, your excuses are no reason to skip whatsoever, because you do learn something - goodness, you pay for it! Once you start skipping, you'll keep skipping... Midterms are approaching, and you're going to wish you never skipped. So learn from me and what I went through from not going to class. 

#1. You Don't Get the First-Hand Experience
       Having a friend lend you notes or being taught by a tutor is not the same as being taught by the person who makes the exams and knows what's going to be on the exam. Some classes don't even test by the book, they go purely by lecture. So if you skip those, ouch! ... You're going to have a bad time!

#2. You Feel Behind by the Next Class...
      ▸ Professors cover a lot of material in class. They can cover a whole chapter in one day - I've witnessed it! You're expected to study two hours for every one hour of class time. So even if you skip just one class, you're three hours behind! Better hit those books!

#3. ...If You Even Go to the Next class
      ▸  It's true... Once you start skipping, it's hard to get back into your schedule. Temptation just takes over then all of the sudden, it's not just one class. You think you found a studying strategy to where you can miss class, but no strategy is as effective as being there. It's understandable if you're sick or had other important priorities, but don't try to make a habit out of it. 

#4. You Annoy Your Peers
       Being that person who always asks, "What happened in class today? Did I miss anything? Did you get the homework?" you'll end up being that person no one will want to help. They went to class, you didn't. You suffer the consequences, and they really don't have to put up with you.

#5. Professors Won't Notice You or Help You
        Professors make or break your grade. If you are struggling but the professor knows you've been ditching class, he will think you are not even trying or making the effort to do well in class. When you are two points away from your desired grade, he won't be as nice to you than those who show up and ask questions in lecture. 

#6. Your Grades will Reflect
        Let's see what we have covered: You get behind, won't know what the exam covers, and possibly don't know what you're even doing... Your results will be a disappointing grade. You get what you put in. Even if you do make good grades on exams, you miss potential bonus points or class participation. My alarm did not go off, and I missed the one day the professor offered bonus in class. I will forever keep checking to make sure my alarm goes off properly!

#7. You Actually Lose Money
       College isn't cheap! One, single class could be worth $50-$100 (depending on the school). Is skipping really worth it? Just think of it like this: every time you skip a class, you're throwing away a $100 bill. I'd rather give that to my institution than throw it away, getting nothing in return. Hold on to your Benjamins, people! 

So next time you debate whether or not you should go to class, think of all the trouble you're getting yourself into. At the moment, it may not seem like a big deal, but when you're getting closer to midterms and have to lock yourself in your room or pull all-nighters at the library, you're gonna wish you chose to go to that one hour class. 

I have interviewed real students from LSU, asking them why they don't like skipping class and their personal experiences. 

"In classes you don't go to too often, you don't do as well as the people who do go to class. Math 1029 was really easy, and for those who did not go to class had to study a lot harder. The professor actually showed us a shortcut in class to where you can look at one number and knew the answer right away!"
-Niara Octavia Woods, Mass Communications

Well, since I'm a senior and taking classes that all directly pertain and apply to my degree I don't see why anyone would really want to skip class. If you enjoy your major, which you should, you should enjoy being in class to some extent. However, even as a freshman your classes build upon one another to create a foundation for the future. Bumpy foundation = rough future. Missing class seems like a good idea when you're tired or have other plans, but it's worth it when you don't have to spend as many hours sifting through information and trying to understand something that could've been cleared up with 5 minutes of lecture and maybe a question or two.  
-Tiffany Robinson, Chemical Engineering

"People should not skip class because it will directly effect your ability to excel in class. I did poorly on my first Biology test because I missed one class - the review."
-Marc Stevens @ College Football Mock, Mass Communications

"You should go to class because you never know who you may befriend, especially in my smaller classes. I'm especially glad that I attended class because I made a bunch of friends. Study groups are never a bad thing. Also, the professor in classes of fifty or less definitely notice when you're never there, but then show up only for the exam. I am gonna eventually need letters of recommendation, so seeing professors during office hours was only favorable if I went to class."
Stanley Fuentes, Biology

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