Saturday: Church, Family, and Friends

I started and ended my day with mass and friends, and I went home in between! Although, this isn't the norm, it was a pretty outgoing and non-stop day! I was planning on volunteering at a soup kitchen this morning, but because of a special event within the church, the soup kitchen was not open today. So after church, we helped with their little event instead. My roommate and I picked up a bus load of people from a nursing home and brought them to the church - after that, they no longer needed our help, so Kelly and I got some breakfast! We went to a well-known breakfast restaurant, and my roommate was so sweet for she paid for my meal! The food was amazing and delicious.... Yum!

My mom and little brother came to get me from my apartment and we headed home. A few hours later, we went to mass for the celebration of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz - the first Filipino Saint - and we celebrated with the archbishop of New Orleans. I wore a maroon dress and wedges for the occasion, and guess what?! My dress was only five dollars.... $5! We came across this dress at Belk a few months ago, and I purchased this dress and another dress for $5 each! Great deal! I felt like Blair Waldorf in this type of dress... and I liked it.


I invited my boyfriend, Scott and his family to the celebration and we caught up and ate a lot of Filipino food. There was so many people and so much to eat! Depend on us Filipinos to feed a whole crowd. 

So, that was my Saturday. What did you do? I plan on making this a series: Samantha's Saturday Series or whatever you would call this. My Saturdays are either very productive or not at all! But I think it's a good way to get to know me and get personal. Happy Saturday!


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