How I Prepare For Finals

 Sleep is very important when it comes to finals. Multiple exams crammed into one week can turn into stressful all-nighters. Start your week off relaxed by sleeping in one day before finals week.

 Taking a nice shower before hitting the books help me feel refreshed and more comfortable - especially if I am pulling an all-nighter. I get easily distracted when I feel gross...

 I like to get into some comfortable clothing when I am studying for hours upon hours, but I try to avoid pajamas. Pajamas make me feel sleepy, and they give my mind the impression that I will be sleeping soon, when in reality, that's not true.

 Taking the time to plan what you need to study in a certain amount of time can help you study effectively. I like to write down, for example, what chapters I need to cover or review and split them up to where I study a chapter or two per day until the day before my exam. Then I review everything the day of the exam, since I have hours to do so. It beats trying to cover all fifteen chapters in five days - which is not realistic or studying effectively.

 Before you walk out the door, you might want to double- or even triple-check if you have everything you need. Prepare your things. Laptop? Chargers? Notes? You don't want to end up running back and forth while studying, because that can lead to distractions, procrastinating, and getting out of your study groove. If I am pulling an all-nighter, I like to bring my contacts case, solution, and lotion for the times my skin or eyes get dry.

 If I am going to be studying for hours, I like to keep snacks and gum by me. I usually bring oranges, dark chocolate covered almonds, cheez-its, and some sort of candy - like hot tamales or sweet tarts. I like to munch on those while studying.

 I pray that I can find a well-lit, spacious study spot with outlets whenever I am out studying. I usually gravitate towards study spots with natural lighting, like by a window. I have this specific spot in the library that I love, but once it gets dark outside, the window becomes mirror-like and I start getting distracted.

 I like to blast my music when studying because it helps me focus and shut the world out. I can't study when it's completely silent or when I hear people talking, so I bring my earphones and listen to my Spotify playlists.

 Having a study buddy helps keep me 50% more focused. Not a person who distracts you but someone to keep you in check. If I didn't have a study buddy, I'd probably be watching Netflix or browsing through social media.

Still have one more exam to go! Sorry for this post being so short and sweet, but wish me luck!


  1. Wish u all thr best for ur finals Sam 😊
    Joanny :)

  2. Great post with some really awesome tips. Good luck with your finals!

    PS, the Liebster Award post is up. Thanks for the nomination!

    - Gloria @

  3. Great post. Good luck with your finals!

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