Gone Fishin' (Backyard Tour)

My big brother came to visit us from Texas this Thanksgiving week along with my nephew, Oliver! Oliver saw the big lake in our backyard and begged us to go fishing! It was such a perfect day for fishing and just being outdoors. Louisiana seemed to have finally entered fall with the windy weather and colorful leaves. I thought it would be appropriate and fun to give you guys a “Backyard Tour!”

A lot of our guests adore our view of the open waters and clear skyline – we do too! Sometimes seagulls would gather in the middle of the lake early in the morning or a pelican, or two, would sit out in the lake.  We get a lot of different wildlife out here – alligators, some dolphins and sharks, manatee, garfish, jellyfish and stingrays. Basically, anything that would exist in a lake or ocean can live in these waters because our lake is made up of brackish water – freshwater mixed with sea salt water. So pretty much anything can exist in our waters… Scary, huh? We swim in there sometimes!

Whenever we go fishing, the usual catch would be mullets, croakers, and catfish. We use our fishing poles, casting nets, and crab traps to catch our fish and crabs. During the day, we get mostly mullets, but at night, we can catch shrimp! Yes, shrimp! Our lake is so unique, and sometimes I forget to appreciate what is right in my backyard!

Here's a little tour:


  1. Oh wow such a lovely view. And the pictures look great ��

  2. That's your backyard?! SO jealous! Love the hammock and I can only imagine how nice it is to lay on it right next to the water.

    - Gloria @ www.thatsocallife.com

    1. Yes ma'am! I'm blessed to have such a view!

  3. What a lovely view. The photos look great, and I love your blog

    - Sonia http://afilmadaybysonia.blogspot.com/