Happy Thanksgiving! (I Got a New Camera!)

You guys...
Santa came early, and he brought presents! My daddy and I went out to Target's "Special Black Friday sale" Thanksgiving night, and I got my camera! Oh my goodness, I am so excited! The line was intimidating at first, but as soon as Target opened, getting in and out was my goal! 

I was sort of nervous...
I was standing in the camera aisle, and no one seemed to know how to retrieve the cameras. We got a worker, and finally, we were redirected to a small wall of camera bundle sales. There were only two left of my Nikon D3200. I originally wanted the Nikon D3300, but I am only a beginner in need of a starting camera. I also heard the the D3200 and D3300 were not that different other than that the picture quality was a little better. But anything beats my iPhone pictures!

Thanks, Dad!♥ 

I am just so grateful to have this camera now! I was already an obsessive "photographer" with my iPhone. Can you image how many pictures I'll be taking with my new camera, especially since I am still learning?!

Now that my blog will have better quality photos, I am inspired to change up my blog design! I still really love my gold theme and planning to keep it, but it's time to mix things up!

Tell me what you think!

Here are my first couple of shots from my new camera!

Happy Thanksgiving, again!


  1. I have the D3100 camera, and it works so good! Enjoy it :)

    xx Lucía