Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decorations

A lot of you DIY'ers must know about Hobby Lobby, right? I get all my supplies from Hobby Lobby because they always have great deals! For instance, all of their fall decor is 80% off!! I was able to leave Hobby Lobby with a decorated living room and dining room, spending no more than $30.00!

So here was my dilemma:
My family was hosting an early Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of people. My mom thought that some decorations were necessary, instead of just one long table set in the middle of the house. So she sent me out to spend a little bit of money on some decorations four hours prior to the dinner. My first stop was The Dollar Tree, but I was so disappointed to see that they had such a small collection of fall decor and such a huge selection of Christmas decoration. It just felt kind of opposite to me.

So I headed to Hobby Lobby with a big sign saying "Fall Decor: 80% off!" Although they had compressed all of their left-over fall decor onto two shelves, there were so many choices - especially pumpkins. I left the store with a door dec, some center-pieces for the tables, fall napkins, and pumpkins.

Door Decoration: $15.99 $3.20
2 Packs of Glittered Pumpkins/Squash: $12.99 each $2.60 each
2 Packs of Baby Pinecones and Berries: $12.99 each $2.60 each
2 Artificial Pumpkins: $13.99 each $2.80 each
2 Packs of Fall Napkins: $5.99 each $1.20 each
Total: $21.60

Guess what? I went back to The Dollar Tree and picked up two small buckets and two baskets for the mini pinecones and pumpkins. I split up the pumpkins and displayed them on the window sills by the dining area. I was able to decorate the living room and dining room for less than $30. If there was no sale, I would have only been able to get the two pumpkins. So thank goodness that there was a sale!

So if you need to do some last-minute decorating, check out Hobby Lobby! I think the sale ends this week, perfect for Thanksgiving decorating. Their Christmas decorations are already 50% off! Hobby Lobby is now my go-to store for awesome home decor deals!

Enjoy your family and friends!
Happy Thanksgiving, loves!


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