Blogspot Beginner's Guide: How to Create and Customize a Navigation Bar

A navigation bar allows your readers to easily browse your website. Every blog has a lot to show, but it’s impossible (and messy) to fit everything within your “home” page. So I will be showing you how to easily add and customize your own navigation bar!

1. First things first, create your Pages.
    ▸ You need to distinguish your blog's content.
    ▸ Some people categorize their posts: Recipes, DIY, Fitness, Tips, etc.
    ▸ Like my blog, I make a page to categorize my posts (called Blog Posts) and I also add an About Me, Contact Me, and other links.

2.  Next, go to layout. Under header, Add a Gadget.

3. Scroll to find the Pages gadget and add this.

4. This screen will pop up.
    ▸ Here you can select which pages you want to be shown on your blog and the order you want them shown.

    ▸ Also, the Add external link button will allow you to redirect to another website. I use this for my Tumblr Accounts - Studyspiration and Fitspiration.

5. Customizing your Navigation Bar
    ▸ If you view your blog, your navigation bar may not look like it belongs with your theme. By clicking Template, Customize, then Advanced, you can edit your navigation bar through these links:
          - Tabs Text
          - Tabs Background
          - Accents

Just edit until you're satisfied with the product, and BAM! You're done! You have your own Navigation Bar!

I hope this helped!
Good luck!


  1. Nice guide :) sometimes we forget how difficult it was to discover all the basics when we started, it's nice to offer guides!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award in my blog. I'd like to read your answers if you want. :)

    Eithne on the Moon | Lifestyle, books and travels!

    1. Yes, I agree. A lot of my friends have been starting blogs, and I am just using their "FAQs" as inspiration to help others with the same questions by blogging about it!

  2. Hey! I've nominated you for The Liebster Award as think your blog really deserves it :) This is a great way to discover smaller blogs! More info on what to do in my post here..

    - Kelly
    (Casual Book Reviews)

  3. I'm new to blogger and this has really helped me, simple and easy to read thank you :)

    1. You're welcome!
      Welcome to the Blogging World! <3