Succulents: Staging on a Budget

I recently went to buy a cactus for my roommate, and I thought to myself, "I'm already here! Might as well get myself some succulents!" Succulents are very cheap and easy to take care of for those who forget to water their plants everyday. They only need a little watering as much as once a week, no more. I love having greenery in the apartment - it brings more life and color into the room. I am always seeing beautiful pictures of staged succulents and cacti on Pinterest and Tumblr. But of course, I cannot afford those magnificent terrariums, so I have decided to hit up The Dollar Tree for materials and work with what I have.

 Step 1: Pick Out Your Succulents // Cacti: Succulents are about $3 - $5.

▸ Step 2: Pick Out a Container and Rocks: If you can, find a container with holes on the bottom.

▸ Step 3: Transfer Excess Soil {from Original Pot to New Container} and Position Rocks and Soil: Soil in the middle, rocks on the perimeter.

▸ Step 4: Submerge the Succulent's Roots into the Soil and Rocks: Once the plant is positioned, fill in the empty spaces with the excess rocks.

▸ Step 5: Enjoy Your Plants!

**If you're going to use a closed container - a container lacking holes for drainage - I recommend watering the succulents with as little water possible to satisfy the plants without allowing excess water to build up at the bottom.**

I'm so excited to see these around the apartment! Best thing? I spent less than $15 and made my own customized terrarium!


  1. They're absolutely adorable, my sister did some too and they just make the room extra cozy.

  2. This is a great idea, I have succulents but they're not in such pretty containers!
    Loved reading your blog, just followed, check out mine if you get a chance, I've just started but exciting things to come!! xxx

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