My Christmas Break Obsessions

Do you find yourself spending money on the same type of products in one week? The next week, your Pinterest has some sort of theme going on within your current pins? Your conversations between different groups of friends are all similar the following week, as if your mind is just completely occupied by these obsessions?

Yeah, this is happening to me...

Succulents and Cacti: These little fellas are getting a lot of hype! They are also oh, so cheap! They make great little gifts, and I love buying them. If you want to find a great variety of succulents and cacti, check out Home Depot!

Lippies: I've recently went through my makeup bag, backpack, and purse, and I have a lot of lip products! I just bought some,too. They aren't even all here with me! My lips flare up whenever I use Chapstick or EOS, so I tend to experiment with lip butters and lip sticks to find the right product for me. So far, NYX's lip butter is my favorite. 

Zip-Up Hoodies: A lot of people would say a zip-up hoodie is a basic and essential piece of clothing. I have not owned one until recently, and I love them! I would sleep in a hoodie, go do errands in a hoodie, pretty much do anything!

Panera Bread: No idea why, but I have been craving Panera Bread's Asian Sesame Salad. Yeah, I pinned how to make a homemade replica of their salad... So?

Leggings: I've been living on these all break. I have nine different pairs of leggings. It's a problem!

Photo Shoots: I usually like taking the pictures, but recently I've been having fun getting my picture taken. My boyfriend is also an aspiring, amateur photographer, and he loves taking my pictures.

Blogging - Tumblr and Blogger: A couple of friends and I have been completely sucked into the blogger world. We would get on tumblr while video chatting and support each other's blog! I made three tumblr blogs over the break.

Northface Backpack: I have been obsessing over the arrival of my new Northface backpack. Scott got it for me for Christmas, and I am in love! I understand why so many people have them now.

Trivia Crack: My cousins, roommates, and some friends have joined me in Trivia Crack and am I more hooked than ever! Play me! @Samanthamgh

What are you currently obsessed with?


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