Week Two: Working Out and Eating Healthy

I started my little workout journey "about a week ago" (enter dance here), and even though this is my third or fourth try, I think I am really going to stick with this lifestyle. Last semester was horrible: I ate what was convenient and I made excuses.

Here is what I changed this semester:

  ▸ I jog everyday for about 30 min, instead of just walking from class to class as my daily workout.
  ▸ I spend more on groceries, instead of eating out or eating at the student union and wasting money.
  ▸ I drink water all day and at all times, instead of drinking soda or sweet tea.
  ▸ I cook a little bit more, instead of consuming foods of which I know nothing of (Prepared Meals).
  ▸ I strength train everyday for about 30 min, instead of completely avoiding my muscles and strength.
  ▸ I measure and keep track of my body, instead of letting myself go and buying bigger clothing.
  ▸ I gave up fast food, sweet tea, chips, and being lazy, instead of giving up willpower.

Here is what I feel has changed in just two weeks:

  ▸ I feel more energized.
  ▸ I feel smaller, even if it is not true (just yet).
  ▸ I feel stronger.
  ▸ I feel like I don't need sweets or junk food - I crave less.
  ▸ I feel sore, which I've come to appreciate.
  ▸ I feel motivated and inspired.
  ▸ I feel powerful.
  ▸ I feel like I can escape.
  ▸ I feel happier.

So why would I give this up?

Here is what I learned so far:

  ▸ Don't compare yourself.
  ▸ It's okay to jog a little bit slower on the track.
  ▸ You don't need an INTENSE workout everyday, especially if you're just beginning.
  ▸ A workout buddy is necessary for motivation, just ask Myrna @ teawithaninsomniac.blogspot.com!
  ▸ Don't define yourself with the number that shows up on your scale, taking pictures or measuring yourself will show you some raw and positive results.

If you are coming along this journey with me, please let me know by commenting! I would love to see your progress!

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