My Fitspiration Closet

I recently went on a little fitness shopping spree with my family on the weekend. Sad story, short: I had only one pair of workout pants that do not fall when running, so I needed more. I ended up getting four pants, three jackets, and a new pair of shoes! Of course, I bought them all (except the shoes) from Wal-Mart and nothing exceeded $15 which is fine by me! My family and I went to the Nike Outlet near my school and the clearance shoes had an additional sale where you take an extra 20% off the lowest marked price. So my $85 shoes came out to be $68! I am in love!

Thanks, Mom and Dad for spoiling me!

While unpacking my weekender bag, I realized that I don't wear a lot of my clothes in my packed closet. I only go to school and rarely go out so I have no need for so many nice clothes out. I started to accumulate more gym clothes to wear to school and the gym, so I decided to give my closet a makeover!

Having all of my gym clothes out and presented nicely really motivates me to workout. I love waking up to this reminder of my goal.



Doesn't it look beautiful! I love how it's very neutral on the bottom rack, but the top rack is very colorful!

Workout clothes just motivate me to get to the gym and put in an hour of exercise!

Look out for our DIY Fitspiration Board coming soon! My roommates and I have decided to have these types of motivation all throughout the apartment, starting at the kitchen!

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  1. I love this! Everything is so colorful. I've started buying brighter workout clothes recently and even that helps me stay motivated.

    *Amanda @ Stuff Amanda Likes.

    1. Thank you! I love the colorfulness. Good luck!

    2. Ahhh I love going shopping for work out clothes!! xx

  2. Ooh I love how colourful everything turned out to be.
    Sam I just nominated ur blog for the Liebster Award. If u fancy taking part, u can read all abt it in my post here
    Joanny :)

  3. Your collection for active wear you have shared here is looking really attractive to me. I have just joined yoga classes few days ago and I am not comfortable with my old clothing. So, I was wondering, if you can suggest me some good place to buy workout leggings!