Fitness Friday: How to Treat Yo' Self

So you've finally lost those five, ten, or even fifteen pounds that you've been working for?!


You've been working so hard, and now it's time to finally receive your reward! But I'm not talking about a cheat meal - I'm thinking about buying things to better motivate you to keep going or to relax your hard-working body. Here are my go-to rewards:

  1. Nothing beat new shoes! I have been eyeing the Nike Kaishi shoes for awhile now! I passed my -20 lbs goal awhile ago now, and I finally got to go get 'em! Shoes are my biggest motivator!
  2. New wardrobe! Feeling a little more comfortable with more fitted clothes? I remember after my -10 lbs mark I went and got myself more fitted t-shirts instead of depending on my over-sized tees. There's nothing more satisfying than feeling more comfortable in your body.
  3. Additional workout equipment can help motivate you and help get your at-home-gym started! I got myself an exercise ball, which has been my biggest workout obsession lately! Now I have a collection going with my dumbbells, yoga mat, and resistance bands.
  4. LUSH's bath bombs and bubble bars are an amazing treat after a long workout. Just to relax in cool colors and patterns and to come out with luscious, good-smelling skin. I love setting up candles and my laptop to Netflix - I would just sit there for 30 minutes and enjoy the ambiance. 
  5. I have never done this, but a lot of you may enjoy getting your nails done. Another relaxing and enjoyable experience after working hard. If you rarely get your nails done - or if you're like me and never have - this would be quite the reward. 
Just listing off a few, general rewards to treat yo' self! There are a lot of ways to reward your hard work without leaning on food and to help keep your fitness motivation strong!

Congratulations on your weight loss!

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Good luck!


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