My Thoughts on High-End Brands and Labels

I can be - what pop culture calls - a "label whore," but I am to a certain extent. It all depends on the numbers that are displayed on that price tag and the brand, itself. I would probably splurge on a twenty-something-dollar Lilly Pulitzer dress that I luckily found at Belk's just for the sake of having one piece of Lilly's clothing item - I mean I already bought the $28 agenda just to be...trendy. I'll jump at Nike shoes and won't second guess myself if they're on sale. I won't, however, buy anything like Michael Kors. Now, I don't have anything against the brand and their watches and bags are really cute, but some of their products are too loud and flashy with the MK and too...common. I remember everyone receiving a Michael Kors watch a couple of Christmases ago, and it was just too much for me. Most girls probably don't even wear their watches anymore. But that's just my opinion and my style. I will admit that the knock-off watches I buy at Target resemble the MK watches very well that I've played some people - although that was not my intention, I just love tortoise-shell watches.

I guess you would say I am a person who finds pleasure in discovering knock-off brands that resemble high-end labels. I like being "trendy," but I am not willing to spend more than $30 on something. So...I guess that means I'm cheap?

At one point of my senior year in high school, I loved thrifting. I still do, but I thrifted in Colorado back then which had a lot more variety. I would come out with so many oversized cardigans - which were trending at the time - and I only spent $6 at most! You can find so many knock-off brands if you just expand your horizons beyond the high-end stores.

For example, I bought super comfy yoga cropped pants from Ross. I'm not gonna lie, I probably ran to the clothes rack because it resembled PINK's Yoga pants. It was to my surprise that it was a brand called Get A Grip, and they even used the same font as PINK! When I saw that they were only $6 and super soft, I for sure bought those pants.

Also, I went to Walmart today and bought this super cute neon pink, black-lined athletic jacket for only $3...three dollars! About a year ago, a YouTuber had bought this identical jacket from LuLu Lemon that I've been wanting, and I got it from Walmart for $3. Can we talk about that?

I also picked up these sandals from Payless (I check out Payless Shoes at least three times a year) that look almost identical to Tory Burch's Miller Sandal in cork and gold. Guess how much these babies were... $10. Everything looks identical with the exception of the Tory Burch trademark, of course.

I will confess that I like the trends that sorority girls are into - without the commitment, lamp-shading and "norts." I like the brands that they exhibit: Ralph Lauren, Lilly Pulitzer, or any plain tees with a frocket. I recently bought two Polo hats and find any excuse to wear them. Of course, they were on sale, and I even took off another 10% using my student discount.

Now I know many people would disagree with me. A lot of people would rather splurge on a longer-lasting item for 10x the amount I would pay for, but again, that's just me. My style changes so often that I am against splurging on something so expensive and temporary. Last year, I wore yoga pants and muscle tees, I wore a lot of dresses the year before that, and this year, I wear more along the lines of comfort. I honestly wear athletic pants and t-shirts nowadays, and I bring along a sweater to wear to the library. I don't go out to where I need to dress up and put on flashy jewelry or wear matching purses. I have one purse that costs $40 that I've had for about a year and use every time I go out to do errands or go shopping, and I have one watch that costs $20 from Target.

However, my style outside of school - if I were to go out and meet people - is probably a button down top with black pants and accessories (watch, pearl earrings, necklace, and ring). I like looking presentable and professional - simplicity and something comfortable. I've been into striped long-sleeved tops too. I don't like loud patterns or too much color at the moment. Again, my style changes so fast.

Everyone has their reasons why they do what they do, and these were just a couple of mine in terms of fashion and style. Now, I don't think I have the greatest sense of style - hence, why I don't blog about this often - but I do want to be more open to the topic. I kind of want to start blogging the little deals I find. A couple of friends and family of mine say I can find good deals, and most of the time they're from little, exclusive stores that not everyone has access to, but I like sharing my shopping experiences. I shop by myself most of the time, so now you can come along and be my little shopping buddy!


  1. Its an quite interesting post and full information (i.e. full of experience) or your thought on high-end brands and labels is lovely. Honestly i appreciate your blog post.

    1. Thank you so much! This post was quite different than what I am used to posting, so I appreciate your feedback!