How to Survive Summer School

For those of you joining me in taking summer classes, I'd like to share my experience and things that I have learned this past summer and recently this summer. 

So this is my second time taking up summer classes, and I am using this opportunity to bring up my GPA so I am actually re-taking classes to replace my grade. 

Material goes by FAST!
Professors are forced to cram five months of material into two months. Instead of having a class every other day, you have it every single day. You know how they say three hours for every one hour of class? Yeah, you better get those three hours in right after class or else you'll end up feeling behind. Also, DO NOT SKIP CLASS!

Check out Previous Exams
Some of my professors posts their previous exams and answer keys on their website. In my opinion, it's the best way to study. You never know what will be on the first exam, so checking out previous exam questions should help familiarize yourself with the material and the types of questions that will be asked.

Find an Off-Campus Study Spot
Our library is empty during summer school. The once-filled library is now a dead zone. Usually seeing others study help motivate me, and now I don't even feel motivated to go to the library. My roommate invited me to go to the neighborhood library which is surprisingly modern and well-lit. There are these huge windows that I love sitting by! They're right when they say natural sunlight helps improve your work ethic.

Stay Hydrated!
It's hot and sweaty out there and the walks to class can be unbearable. Remember to keep a water bottle nearby and wear a bit of sunscreen. I rarely get sunburned, but my nose started peeling this past weekend! I honestly feel like I've been more indoors than outdoors, but just remember to keep your skin protected. 

Find a Study Group
With heavy material, comes confusion and your peers can help you with that. It may be intimidating, but the first day of class, everyone is looking for companionship or a study buddy. Just act approachable and don't be afraid to approach others.

Find a Tutor
If you're a bit on the shy side and are unwilling to open yourself up to your peers, try to locate a tutor. My school offers free tutoring in the library, so I can visit them if I am ever having trouble.

Let Your Friends Be Aware of Your Goals
I live with three others girls, and if I sit and talk to them and tell them how serious I plan to be, they can help me stay motivated and focused. Some people take easy summer classes, so they can make straight A's and have a fun-filled summer, and they might want to invite you to every outing. Be sure to keep your priorities straight! If you're taking difficult classes and need to stay disciplined, don't be afraid to say no. Stay focused within the week and maybe celebrate an A on an exam or quiz. 

These are just a couple of tips of mine! I have linked several other college tips down below, so feel free to browse! 

Good luck!


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