Tech Tuesday: Vlogging?

So I've been thinking... vlog or not to vlog?

I wanted to do something different and fun. My friends and I have discussed vlogging a couple of times, and now that it's summer time, I've really considered it. I've been on YouTube in the past - once in middle school and another my senior year of high school. What's different this time? My blogs encourage me to post more because I actually know that someone is there and watching. Before, I would feel discouraged because it was only on YouTube, and there wasn't much social networking. 

Another thing that has sort of discouraged me from vlogging is that I feel like my life is not all that interesting. I am always at school and studying, and I am always around the same group of people. If you didn't know, I have a Tumblr called The Study Spot, and it is dedicated to studying. People like seeing my setup in the library and my different study spots, so I thought that would be somewhat interesting to my Tumblr audience. 

Not only will it be on YouTube, but I will have a page on my Livin' On Brightside and The Study Spot blogs where they will be posted and updated. 

So what do you think? Shall I try this out?


  1. Yes you should, I really like your blog and Tumblr, you have a very unique way to express your content so don't worry it won't be boring ;)

    1. Thank you so much! I did start a channel! Check it out:

  2. You definitely should start a channel!! I have one now and I really love creating videos!