My Weekend Study Spot

Question... Do you guys like to create study schedules when it comes to finals? This day, I'll do this chapter; that day, I'll do that chapter, etc. I always come up with some practical study schedule a week or two before finals. Finals are cumulative, so that's a lot of material to review and refresh your memory with. I am taking five classes, so I pretty much have a final every day during finals week. I want to be super prepared and not have to cram during finals week. I want to study effectively and efficiently, instead of doing more than I can in a short amount of time.

Because it's the weekend, I decided to make a little and comfortable "Study Nook." It looks relaxing, doesn't it? Only because it's the weekend. It actually got me excited to study and be productive. I opened up my blinds to let in more natural lighting on this rainy day and got to it. Something about the rain adds to the relaxation of my study spot.

I'm the type of person who likes to change it up. I love finding new study spots. I have a couple on campus that I enjoy. There's this computer lab in the Student Union that have these comfortable chairs and huge windows! I just love natural lighting - it's easy on the eyes and keeps you awake. I also love studying in public to keep me motivated and focused - there's just something about studying in public where you want to look productive like everyone else.

For you college-goers about to hit finals week, like me, I wish you Good Luck! You got this! Think about all the fun things you can do in the summer, so save all that procrastination you want to do during Dead Week and Finals Week for the summer. Think: Netflix, blogging, hanging out with friends, going out to eat, and sleep (all the sleep you want!) can make for an enjoyable and relaxing summer. So save those moments, and stay focused and motivated!

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  1. Thanks for the good luck!! I wish you luck as well!! I love studying in the library or at a building called the ILC because it has huge windows and it's so cute. Great post :)