How to Add Monograms to a Wallpaper Using a Macbook

Many of you asked me how I was able to make my "monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer background." Well I am here to show you how! Have y'all seen my post on how to download fonts? You should! It will be helpful when installing this special font "Monogram KK" off of

All you need to do is:

1. Download the font Monogram KK, using these resources:
     ▸ Monogram KK
     ▸ How to Install fonts

2. Save a background that you want. Just google any picture that you want! You want to make sure it has a good amount of pixels to fit your entire screen.

3. Open your picture and edit it, using the Markup Toolbar which looks like a little toolbar.

4. Select your font and add your initials!
     ▸ You want to make sure the middle initial is bigger than the outer two.

5. Play with the colors and sizes, and ta-daa!! You have your very own, customized, monogrammed background!



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