Fitness Friday - Transformations

It is so important to take pictures during your fitness journey - MANY PICTURES.

Wouldn't you want to be your own motivation? Instead of looking at Victoria Secret models and super fit girls on Tumblr and Pinterest, we need to motivate ourselves in a healthy way. Every single one of us is unique. Our bodies are unique and no one else has a body like yours. So why look at others?

Looking at others can develop an unhealthy, maybe self-loathing, mindset. When you first start your journey, you need to just focus on yourself and work on the little things. Eat a bit cleaner and just sweat once a day - doesn't matter what you do - just break a sweat and get your heart beat going. Every few weeks, challenge yourself even more. Just stick with it for 21 days, and it'll become a habit. Then once you hit 21 days, recount with a new challenge. Baby steps...

I take a lot of pictures of myself... if you can only see my photo album....

Looking at my pictures before my fitness journey, I probably didn't take nearly as much as now. I probably take 20x more pictures than before. With every picture, I love my body even more and get more accustomed to it - to really know what I look like and the ways I have improved.

You may not see any difference over night, but once you're done with your 21 days... girl...

With patience, time, and perseverance, you'll be breaking necks!

Because it has been six months for me, there are definitely differences in my body. Maybe not everyone can see it, but I for sure can because it is my body and my journey.

Whenever I am feeling unmotivated and lazy, I always just open up my Pic Stitch app and compare myself from 6 months ago to today. Sometimes, I don't even have to be unmotivated, I'll mostly just do it for fun! I've come to love my own body, and I am proud of my improvements. Sure, I'm not perfect - I'm far from perfect, but I am also closer to where I want to be. I'll even share my transformation pictures on a fitness social media app called PumpUp. Follow me @Samanthamgh

But remember to be true to yourself. When you take your first set of pictures, don't suck it in or pose in ways that make you look differently. Don't be ashamed of your body, own it! I wish I took a lot of pictures from before, but then again I was not as comfortable with myself. But that's why you have to do it, because when you do become comfortable with your body you'll have an amazing and true transformation picture - something that'll make you super proud. I usually take front body pictures and side body pictures, and I'll attach some at the end of this blog post for you to see.

I'm so obsessed with transformation pictures, and I really hope you learn from me and take a lot of "before" pictures. I pretty much use the same three "before" pictures because I don't have that many...


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  1. Oh wow u've come such a long way. Congrats on ur progress. Keep up the good work.