Wednesday - August 5, 2015

Today was leg and booty day! 

I definitely see a lot of improvement in my legs. I feel my calf muscles growing and somewhat my quads (underneath all that fat) to where they look a bit toned - in comparison to before - and less jiggly.

Starting off my day, I woke up at around 8am and scrambled 2 eggs - one with yolk and the other without yolk. I added cilantro, mushrooms, and red onions to my scrambled eggs. With that, and I'm gonna be real, I had a Starbucks bottled coffee that was in the fridge because I only got 4 hours of sleep and had errands to do. A sugary pre-workout, but I was able to take on the day with that bit of caffeine. 

I got to the gym and stored my stuff in my locker. I didn't know how much stuff I bring to the gym. I brought a rain jacket because I thought it would rain, but it didn't... I always bring my iPhone armband and headphones, but I have my purse and keys which will get in the way so I just store them away. I'm considering buying small gym bag because my purse is stuffed when I need to bring my workout stuff, and also if I need to do anything after the gym, I can bring deodorant and spray and cleansing towelettes for that reason. So it all depends, but for now I think I am good. Just a thought.

I started with about 10 minutes of stretching. It is soooo important to stretch! Take it from someone who has experienced a lot of pain after an intensive workout without stretching. Please stretch! Anyways, after stretching I started with some body-only Bulgarian split squats. I did 3 sets on each leg and 10 reps. Those are killer, but I like them. Then I headed to the weights...

For a bit more of a warmup, I grabbed some 2.5lb plates and placed them underneath my toes, then I grabbed a 30lb barbell and performed Romanian Deadlifts - 3 sets of 12. 

I bumped it up to a 50lb barbell and repeated my sets. These really workout your hamstrings, but you have use that mind-muscle connection to really feel it and use your hamstrings, or else you'll find yourself working other muscles. Remember: leg day!

I moved to the Smith machine where I did some 50lb squats (3x10), which I think next time I need to add a bit more weight. Although I felt it all in my lower body, I know I can pick up the resistance and actually challenge myself more, but not too much! I will probably add 10lbs or so. 

Next, I took out some weight, pulled up a bench, and I did 20lb one-leg barbell squats (3x5). My legs were already killing me and these are really challenging for me so I only did 5 reps. 

Moved over to the machines to isolate my muscle groups. I started with 70lb leg extensions and did 3 sets of 8-10, depending. Those kill my legs! I hold the bar up when I extend for a couple of seconds, then lowered, so it really burned up my thighs. 

I did like 40lb seated leg curls (3x8-10), which I may need to change because the machine isn't right for my body type. I have used this machine before and it was fine, but at this new gym, it just doesn't feel right. It doesn't fit my shortness. 

I did some 70lb calf raises (3x12) which I loved because I can see my calves in action! 

Now, the leg press! Loveeee these! They hurt, but they hurt so good; and when I press, my legs look on point! I did 230lb leg press, alternating between wide and narrow presses, and did 4 sets of 8-10. 

I finished with some cable workouts that were new to me. I needed to target my inner thighs, so I did "inner kicks"? No idea how to describe it, but there is usually a description on the cable machines for that, I don't know why. I only did 10lbs on each leg and did 3 sets of 8-10.

I also added in some 10lb donkey kicks with the cable machine and repeated my sets. My legs were looking good. You know that line down the middle that defines your legs? Yeah, I saw that in action while looking in the mirror. 

I finished off with a little bit of abs and headed home. I got a small Gladiator smoothie from Smoothie King with mango and strawberry. Smoothie King isn't the healthiest, but if you must, check out the nutritional facts for the Gladiator in comparison to the others. The Gladiator has the least amount of calories, sugar, and the most amount of protein! Of course this is without the added fruit, but at least you know what is in the smoothie.

Finishing off the day with a delicious meal of salmon and salad. In my salad I have grape tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, red onions, and chicken. 

I love having a gym membership because it gets me out and away from the house and keeps my mind busy. This summer - compared to my failed attempt at getting healthy last summer - has been very healthy and successful. Even if I am still in my "learning" phase, I am still getting stronger and losing weight. I feel a lot more confident in my workouts and more knowledgable with everything, in general, with all the research and learning I do online. 

Right now, I am obsessed with Nikki Blackketter on YouTube. I have seen her name on Tumblr before, but I finally came across her channel, and I am currently binge watching her videos while writing this post! 

She is who I want to be in the future - vlogger and toned. She's also very down-to-Earth and nerdy which I appreciate. She was saying in her "What's in my Gym Bag" tag that she uses her DS on the stair master. I respect that she said that! She's just not like other vloggers, which I love. And because I'm in the "obsessed with working out" phase, I love watching her workout and lift day-by-day.

Okay, I've pretty much updated you guys, in detail, on my day so far. I am just going to continue to binge watch Nikki's videos and mentally prepare myself for cardio day tomorrow. Ew.

My goal for tomorrow: 5 miles of cardio. 

I did 4 miles of cardio Monday which was tiring, but I felt really good afterwards! I wasn't even at the gym for an hour, and I even took a 20-minute break! It's summer; I have nothing else to do, so I'm going to push myself to do 5 miles. 

I'll let you know how it goes! I'll be posting these types of blogs everyday to bring you guys on my fitness journey! I will be real with you and I will not lie! I told you about my Starbucks this morning, didn't I? 

Hope you enjoy these!


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