Friday - August 7, 2015

Today's agenda consisted of shoulders and cardio. My shoulders are probably the weakest parts of my body, so having a shoulder day is nice to isolate and focus on those muscles.

I slept pretty early last night at around 9:30pm, but for some reason I woke up at 9:15am which is 12 hours of sleep! I felt so tired and groggy because I overslept, so I didn't even feel rested. I waited until 10:30-11:00am to prepare my first meal for lunch. It was quite a large meal for my liking, but it was super delicious!

I sautéed some mushrooms, baked a small sweet potato, reheated some chicken I made earlier this week, and prepared a salad.

Okay, so I have a concern I want to bring up. Looking back at my meals, I really haven't been eating that much as I should. I feel like I do eat enough to where I am full and able to take on the day, but sometimes I eat only 1000-1500 calories. Well I am not entirely sure, but my weight on the scale has shown this. To lose weight in a healthy way, you should be losing 2-3 pounds a week. This past week, I've lost 6 pounds. I think it's due to the car I am temporarily using now (I am out and about) and my dedication to workout out, getting my cardio in, and lifting. Of course with lifting, you're suppose to eat more carbs and protein for gains, but with weight loss you need to eat clean. So I've been mostly doing that, and I find myself eating 2-3 meals (depending on when I wake up) and 2-3 snacks - which I don't think is bad.

So I am increasing my calorie intake a bit to avoid losing too much weight too fast. I know it sounds like a good thing, but it doesn't seem healthy for my body. Even though I am not strictly restricting myself from anything - like my mom ordered pizza for dinner - and I feel fulfilled throughout my day, I want this to be long-term. I'd rather have a slow progress and experience it as a lifestyle, because I may depend on that fast weight loss and go back to where I was a year ago with my bad eating habits.

Also, for my daily exercises, a right amount of food is necessary for building muscle. Because I do cardio and don't eat enough, I am not able to produce mass and I don't want all of my lifting to be for nothing. You guys will obviously see what I eat in a day and my workout routines, so you can give me some advice or let me know if I do eat enough. I haven't done a lot of research on how much I should be eating, so let me know. Also, I'm considering the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) in order to hit my macros and calories while still eating cleaner than I used to. Once I learn more about it, I am most likely going to pursue that flexible "dieting."


Sorry for completely shoving all of that information and concerns I have, but that's why I enjoy writing about this because even though I have mostly the same workout routine, each post will be different!

I got to the gym at around 1:20pm and worked on some shoulders. Here's a little OOTD for you guys. I am just wearing my blue and pink Nike Kaishis, black crops from American Eagle, and a shirt from a local restaurant that my boyfriend gave me because they were a client of his and gave him a t-shirt. I haven't actually been there, but because it is local I am not going to show you my entire shirt. 

I am currently researching each of the workouts I did with the weights so if any of you want to look them up and try them yourself, you are able to. 

I started out with a warmup for my arms by using 5lb weights and doing various amounts of movements to prepare my arms for the heavier weights.

I grabbed a 10-pound dumbell and did shoulder presses (4x10) while alternating in front and behind the head. My first time doing these, I sort of rushed them but you want to be able to do it at a nice and controlled pace to really feel it.

Next, I grabbed a 30-pound dumbbell and did upright barbell rows (4x10). These were tough, especially with a heavier weight. I almost grabbed a 40-pound dumbbell, but the 30-pound was just perfect for all 10 reps. It actually started to burn on the 8th rep. 

I grabbed 7.5-pound dumbbells and performed front dumbbell raises (4x10) which aren't too difficult - I might pump it up to 10-pounds in the near future. 

Going a bit lighter, I grabbed 5-pound dumbbells and did side lateral raises (4x10) which are kinda, sorta difficult for me. Again, my shoulders aren't the strongest - but I think I can use the 7.5-pounds because although it's hard to get my arms out there, I didn't really feel challenged, only tired.

I moved to the cable machine and did external rotations with cable (4x10) using I think only 10-pounds.

I felt a little burn in my shoulders after these little workouts, so I went over to the treadmill and did some sprints, jogging, and walking. When I sprint, I usually go over 7mph; jogging for long periods of time, I am comfortable at 5.5-6mph and for walking I do 3-3.5mph depending if I'm resting from sprints or jogs.

For my last mile of cardio, I did the elliptical with resistance again.

While I was on the treadmill, I was thinking to myself, "I should have an active rest day." Meaning, instead of staying home and doing nothing, I'll still go to the gym and just walk on the treadmill for an hour, maybe on an incline. I hate being at home, so I think this will be perfect for me. I can still do 3.5 miles in that hour since I do comfortably walk at 3.5mph, so it's perfect. So Sundays are my rest days, and I'm actually looking forward to that.

After the gym, I had some errands to run then my mom ordered pizza for dinner. We got a thin crust garden pizza from Marco's Pizza so it wasn't as bad as a classic crust and meaty pizza. They cut it into 16ths, so I enjoyed 4 slices of that. 

Later, I snacked on some figs, which I have been craving all day! I've only ever had them once, and I told my mom I was craving them, and she said that there are some in the fridge. I was excited to eat some of those! I think I had about 7 figs, and later enjoyed a slice of cold, fresh watermelon. 

That's about it for my day and what's been rattling in my mind. Also, I am going to work on adding pictures of my workouts. I find blogging a good alternative than vlogging, but some readers may want to see exactly what I do in my workouts. Instead of finding them on the internet and adding it to my blog, I want to personally add pictures of myself performing each workout. So, that'll be coming later.

I really hope you guys enjoy these! I love writing about this! Have a great night!


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