Sunday - August 9, 2015

Today is suppose to be a rest day, but I have no idea what tomorrow has in store for me because I'm heading back to school for a meeting. So today I've decided to do my workouts prepared for Monday, instead of having an "active" rest day, making today arm day!

I woke up at around 10am, and I started to prepare me and my brother's lunch. My little brother had the leftovers from this past week and I made myself a smaller salad than usual because I was also eating a whole avocado with my meal, since our avocados were going bad.

I added the usual stuff in my salad - cucumbers, grape tomatoes, red onions, and chicken. I added salt and pepper to my avocado, and I made some delicious cucumber and lemon water. It's not that I don't like the taste of water - I love water and it's all I drink, but I need to cleanse a little bit.

My boyfriend and I started to coordinate workouts, so that's why I am doing shoulders again. We have decided to follow a program on but put our own twist to it. So here's what my new gym schedule looks like:

Monday - Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps
Tuesday - HIIT Cardio
Wednesday - Legs and Butt
Thursday - HIIT Cardio
Friday - Back and Chest
Saturday - HIIT Cardio
Sunday - Active Rest Day

I headed to the gym at 1pm and had a very good arm workout. I definitely killed it today! There were a couple of times that got hard when I was on my 8th rep, which isn't bad because your reps should be between 8-12, but I pushed myself and did 10 reps every time! I decided to give y'all a little OOTD with my new fanny pack!

My shirt is from TJ Maxx for $5, my fanny pack is also from TJ Maxx for $8, my pants are from Wal-Mart for $15, my shoes are from Nike for about $50, and my headphones are from Wal-Mart for $20.

I started off with some warmup movements using 5-pound dumbbells then started my prepared workout.

Using a 20-pound barbell, I performed shoulder presses (4x10-12) alternating infront and behind the head. It's pretty easy at first, but after the second set you start to feel that burn and that's why my reps varied between 10 and 12.

Bumping up my weight to 40-pounds, I did upright barbell rows (4x10). If you look at my post from 2 days ago, when I did shoulders, I actually used a 30-pound barbell which I previously said was tough to do. But I think it was all in my head because I had thought I got a 30-pound dumbbell, and accidentally grabbed the 40 and was able to do all my reps with a bit of burn on the 3rd and 4th set. So that's awesome! I pushed myself without even knowing.

Lastly for shoulders, I grabbed two 5-pound plates and did side lateral raises (4x10). Using plates instead of dumbbells felt a little different and a little easier, but I looked like a bird trying to fly while doing this.

Going into biceps, I grabbed a 20-pound barbell and just did basic bicep curls (4x10).

For another bicep workout, I just did a 20-pound cable variation of bicep curls (4x10) by setting the cable to the lowest point and using a bar. This had a lot more resistance, so I felt it more than just standing curls. I supersetted this with 30-pound cable tricep pulldowns (4x10).

I headed back to the dumbbell rack and did tricep extensions (4x10) using 25-pounds the first set, and 20-pounds the last three sets. My arms were already becoming fatigued, so these were a little tough that I had to move it down 5-pounds.

I was going to do decline tricep extensions using a bench, but that area was getting a little crowded so I decided to go back to cables and do one-arm tricep pulldowns (4x10) with a 10-pound resistance.

Lastly, once the benches were open, I did incline hammer curls (4x10 on each arm) which I haven't done before but I liked a lot!

My arms were so tired at the end of the day, I felt super good and proud of myself!

I was only able to do a mile and a half on the treadmill because I felt a knot of some sort in joint of my knee, so I didn't want to push it. Remember to listen to your body.

For dinner, I had salmon and a veggie medley with lemon. I love adding lemon to my salmon after cooking it, because if not, salmon can seem a little dry.

11g carbs | 14.5g fat | 37g protein | 330 calories
I decided to count the macronutrients on this - I have enjoyed looking at the labels more. I used to only look at them for calories way back when, then during my journey, I would only look at sugar content. Now looking at everything as a whole, and knowing how much I should intake using the IIFYM calculator, it's very interesting to me.

It is a bit high in fat, but I don't eat that much high-fat food unless it's avocado or salmon which are the good fats. So I'm okay with that.

I hope you guys had a good rest day, surprisingly there were a lot of people at the gym Sunday. Mostly guys, though. Maybe most guys start their weight training on Sunday? I don't know.

I'll probably post something different tomorrow, or maybe I'll make a video with Scott! Who knows... Happy Sunday!


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