DIY Pillow

So... You want cute, decorative pillows, BUT throw pillows are sooooo expensive!
Well, I am going to show you how easy it is to make your own!

Disclaimer: These are pictures from the first time ever making a pillow! I hand sewn everything, and I just used common sense. In high school, I had to sew together a mole (yes, the animal) for a Chemistry project, and I thought to myself, 
"If I can make this, how easy would it be to make a pillow?"
So, here ya go!



1. Your desired fabric
2. Same colored thread
3. Needle
4. Pen
5. Scissors
6. Straight edge (ruler)
7. Candle
8. Stuffing


1. Flip over your fabric (I have satin fabric so I will flip it to where I only see the un-satin part)

2. Measure and line your fabric. Note: Keep in mind that your outcome pillow will be smaller than what you measure.

3. Cut, cut, cut!

4. Get your candle and get rid of those unwanted frays. Note: If you want to skip this part (like I did), you're going to have to follow the next step. I will explain then.

5. Left Frayed: Sew two inches in from the sides. If not, over time the pillow will start fraying even more and unraveling, this will ensure that your stitching does not show and your pillow does not fall apart.
If you did burn out the frays, you can sew a little closer to the edge. Not too close, though.

6. When sewing, leave a gap to put in your stuffing.

7. Flip your fabric inside out 


9. Fold in the edges (follow how the pillow is already oriented) and sew as close to the edge on the outside.

10. You're finished! (Here's a comparison to two professionally made pillows... Can you see a difference?)

I hope your finished project is as you hoped and that I was helpful! Just remember, if you're hand-sewing, it does not have to be perfect or straight because the outcome is a fluffy pillow and the edges will not be noticeable.

So have fun, pick out crazy fabrics, and save a lot of money!

Good Luck!


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