Eel Sushi with Sammie!

I always say I love sushi, but I only really like two kinds - California and Eel. I know that doesn't make me a true sushi-lover because I tend to avoid the raw sushi (Eel is the furthest I'll go!), but nonetheless I would choose sushi over many foods. So today, I am going to be making sushi at home again! If you haven't seen my previous sushi post - click here! But this time, I am using legit ingredients. My family and I took a trip to the Hong Kong market here in Louisiana, and I got the ingredients to make Eel Sushi.

As a reference, I'll add the prices to give you a look of how much you'll have to spend to make it yourself.


▸ Broiled Eel - $11.99/lb - mine was $10.55
▸ Seasoned Caplin Roe or Masago (or those orange fish eggs) - $5.49
▸ Seaweed Wrappers - $1.99
▸ Rice - I use Jasmine Rice because it's sticky - Price varies because we buy the BIG bag of rice
▸ Rice Vinegar - $3.79
▸ Imitation Crab Sticks - $1.99

Add a thin layer of rice (mixed with a tablespoon or two of rice vinegar), add your crab and slices of eel meat (avoid getting the skin), and add your fish eggs then roll it up!

Note: Fish eggs are salty, so add according to your taste.

Use a very sharp knife to cut your sushi roll to avoid the contents from spilling out and getting messy.  And voila!

I hope you enjoy your homemade sushi! I know my whole family loved it! It's very simple and delicious! 

Good luck!


  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial! We love sushi and will definitely have to try making it sometime.

    1. No problem! If you ever do make it, please send me pics on Instagram @ SamanthaMgh!! Enjoy!

  2. I'm definitely going to have to try this - it looks awesome.

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