Monthly Review: October 2014

October came with many obstacles, but the blessings are the ones I like to focus on. October definitely challenged me, but here I am - ready for November, standing on my own two feet. My sophomore year has definitely been tough, but I am blessed with a supportive family, a loving boyfriend, and great friends to stand by me. So this is how my October went:

Boyfriend Time! I spent a lot of time with Scott. With him attending school two hours away, it's not easy to see each other often, but this month has been full of bonding time with shopping, going to the park, eating, and just enjoying each other's company. 

Swim Time! I have not gone swimming in years, so understand why I was so pumped to go swimming spontaneously. After taking pictures for my "What's in my Gym Bag" blog and working out, we sat out by the pool and just decided to go swimming. It was only me and Michelle, but it was fun since we had the pool to ourselves.

Bath Time! With our LUSH addiction, I have been taking baths and just relaxing - mostly on Sunday nights. It's a lot of fun seeing the different effects of each bath bomb. Bathing has been a great start to our busy weeks.

Roomie Time! We had scary movie nights, where we watched the Conjuring, painted our nails, and just hung out. It was also Kelly's 21st birthday, and we had a lot of fun enjoying each other's company with pizza, drinks, and ice cream cake! Totally against my "NO Dairy" ways, but it was all very yummy and a good time!

Family Time! My big brother came to visit us, and I was able to go home and see him. My whole family was together again, except my dad who was at work during our little "photo shoot." I love my family and their company. 

Game Time! My family and I headed to Champion Square, which is right outside the Super Dome - home to the New Orleans Saints. We just hung around and watched part of the game, but I loved just walking around the city.

▸ Blogging Time! If you have not already noticed, I have joined the BlogHer community, and I am so excited! I honestly just love the blogging community, in general. Everyone is so nice and helpful, and I am blessed to be a part of this. 

Study Time! Because of my Chemical Engineering class, I decided to pull an all-nighter to focus on my studying for a full 10 hours. I know it seems a lot, but I feel very confident about my exam and feel that I do better under pressure. Because I went to class, I was not behind or had much to study. It was all purely review and practice. Nonetheless, it was my first all-nighter of the semester.

Halloween Time! Although we didn't celebrate Halloween traditionally, Myrna and I ended the month with a big sushi delivery and movies! It was all so very yummy and relaxing. 

October went by very quickly, but this blog post definitely showed me how much time we really have to make memories and enjoying moments with people you love. 

Happy November! 


  1. Great blog post! Thank you for your follow on Bloglovin:)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful month! I love this type of post, and the pictures you added are really nice!
    I started followin you :)


    1. Thank you! I love writing these because it allows me to reflect on the good things :)

  3. Long distance relationships are never fun - glad you and your boyfriend got to spend some quality time together! Also, your Halloween sounds great to me - nothing beats sushi!

    Gloria @

    1. Yeah, even though it isn't much of a distance, it's inconvenient. But we are used to it - it's been like this for the past four years, sadly...
      I love sushi! It really was my perfect way to end October!